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Assessment of prior week's work: For goals due this week, we have already completed the prototype code, and the Test Plan. John still has to finish the review package, but that will be done before class today. Last week we didn't miss any deadlines. Hooooray! Also, all the tasks took about the right amount of time. The only one that has been a bit longer than expected has been Paula's art. However, we received the first two images for that yesterday, so that should start to get rolling. I can do most of the coding with only a bit of the art, so that is no longer a blocker.

Overall, the project is going much better, and the team is working more effectively than last week. The UI tests went very well (as opposed to the architecture review), and all the members are getting their work done on time. As mentioned last week, we are still going to have Andrew, Dietrich and John step up and do some more coding behind Andrew's lead. Zack and John have specific plans to start coding in the next week.

Remaining Goals: We have a few more goals for Phase II. The only remaining goals we have for phase II are the alpha release, and the alpha release documentation (added to the stack). What we have could already considered an alpha release, but we should have a few "levels" of the IC mini game done by the end of next week. This may or may not be included in alpha, depending on coding time for Zack. I also added a goal for Paula to do a bit more work on the car. However, this is still after her first priority task of getting more art for the IC mini game. After Phase II, Andrew will start coding the race at the end of the game, and John will finish his mini game concept. Finally Dietrich will design and then code a concept for an additional mini game.

Currently our biggest risk is the uncertainty I(Zack) have with the amount of time it will take me to get used to coding the mini game. I have never worked in C#, and I'm not exactly sure how easy it is to do the animation I want to do. I am starting on this Wednesday though, and Andrew should be able to help out, so those are two big factors mitigating this risk. Also, I was concerned last week about coming up with more mini game concepts. John already has one concept that he will start coding this weekend, and Dietrich and Zack should have two more by Friday.

Plan for the Week: We're moving into the realm of just coding. As I mentioned, Andrew and Zack will meet on Wednesday, and then Zack will put in some more work on Wed, Thursday, and Sunday actually making some progress. Zack has an ultimate tournament this weekend, so he won't be as productive as usual. Dietrich will be thinking about and then designing more specifically a concept for his mini-game. John will be finalizing his mini-game design, and starting to code it. Finally, either John or Dietrich (I haven't decided) will write documentation for the alpha release.

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