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Assessment of prior week's work: Our alpha presentation is due tomorrow, and we have practiced it several times, and are generally prepared. This last week we didn't set any goals for ourselves due to really busy weeks for all of us before Spring Break. Thus, we didn't miss any deadlines! Again, we didn't get much work done this last week, so there are not many time estimates to evaluate. Our Alpha presentation took about 2 hours of work for everyone, around what was expected. John made a game-of-life mini game, but that wasn't even on the goal stack, and there was no time estimate for it. The project is proceeding very well. We're on to phase III, which is just coding. We've been ahead in the coding realm for a while, so we're doing well. we have about 3 working mini-games, which is where we want to be at this point. The team is working effectively for the most part. Zack was pretty useless over the past two weeks (other than writing the management updates), but he was swamped by other commitments. He should be able to pull his weight in the coming weeks.

Remaining Goals: We are now onto Phase III. Phase III doesn't have as many specific deliverables. Now we just have a prototype and a test report due every week, and then a beta due at the end. Given that, most of our goals in the stack stayed the same. However, some work got done on the fraction game, so we subtracted some time from that goal. We also added a test report deliverable (including static code analysis) for this next week and the total beta deliverable at the very bottom of the stack. Finally, we found some bugs in the matching mini game, so we want to fix those before the beta.

A short term risk is that we won't get our test report done for next week, as we have never completed one of them before. Thus, that goal is high in the goal stack.

Currently, our biggest longterm risk is just the number of quality mini-games we can churn out in the rest of the semester. To solve this, we are all working on coding mini-games. There isn't really a backup for this; if we fail, we'll just have less mini games.

Plan for the Week: Zack will get the first level of the IC mini game done. Andrew will start coding the racing game. John will finish one of the three mini games he started. All three have good concepts, but he needs to make them into real games with objectives. At this point it seems like he is going to finish the heat mini game. Dietrich will get the test report done. These are all feasible, and will get us towards our long term goal of having enough functional mini-games and the final race. Tickets have been assigned for all of these tasks. The only systemic problem was that Zack was useless, so I suppose that was addressed.

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