Assessment of prior week's work: We are now just working to create and make our mini-games better, as well as finishing testing stuff according to the rubric. This week John did a lot of work refactoring and commenting the heat mini game according to our findings during the lab this week. Andrew had lots to do with our room draw, so he didn't get a chance to code that much. We're pretty okay with that because he has probably put the most hours of the whole team. Dietrich started the static code analysis, but he did not finish it before the deadline. We'll try to get him to finish that as soon as possible. Zack got some initial work done on his EnergyTransfer? mini game (renamed from "Incredible Machine"). He has some classes mostly coded, and should have the first level done by Saturday night. This was a pretty bad week in terms of deadlines. Room draw interfered with out normal weekly meeting and required a lot of time from most of us. Furthermore, Zack has an incredibly time consuming Congress simulation every week night this week. He also had to do lots of preparation, so that explains his lack of productivity. I'm not sure what is happening with Dietrich, but he's more than welcome to edit this to explain himself as well. Anyway, long story short is that next week won't be as bad because there won't be room draw. John's refactoring took much longer than expected, but Zack's code took a bit longer than he thought, but not much (maybe an hour more than expected). The project is still proceeding well. We are well on track to have 6 mini games and a racing game done before the feature freeze in two weeks, and if Dietrich and Zack step it up we could get to 7 or 8. Any of these numbers will constitute a completely satisfactory game. Dietrich has not been great about getting his work done again, but I'm not really sure what we can do to address that. (this both addresses the systemic problem and the team working effectively rubric bullets)

Remaining Goals: Because we didn't get much done last week, the goal stack has remained unchanged except for a few modifications to time estimates.

A short term risk is that we (Dietrich) hasn't finished our static code analysis. Thus, that goal is high in the goal stack.

Currently, our biggest longterm risk is just the number of quality mini-games we can churn out in the rest of the semester. To solve this, we are all working on coding mini-games. There isn't really a backup for this; if we fail, we'll just have less mini games.

Plan for the Week: Again, we didn't get that much done last week, so our plan for the week is essentially the same as last week: Zack will get the first level of the IC mini game done. Andrew will start coding the racing game. John will finish one of the three mini games he started. All three have good concepts, but he needs to make them into real games with objectives. At this point it seems like he is going to finish the heat mini game. Dietrich will get the test report done. These are all feasible, and will get us towards our long term goal of having enough functional mini-games and the final race. Tickets have been assigned for all of these tasks. The only systemic problem was that Zack was useless, so I suppose that was addressed.

See attached for documentation of customer contact.

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