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    1212Again, the art needs a bit of work, but we just wanted to let you know where we are. Also, we should have some cooler ones for you by next Friday! We'll keep you updated with the progress on those. Feel free to e-mail us at if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!
     14=== Programmer' Notes ===
     15Hey everyone,
     17I'm Andrew Carter, I'm doing the programming for the game. What this means is I'm taking all the cool ideas that all my team members are having, and making it into something that runs on those shiny new computers you guys got. As mentioned above, we've started to get in some mini-games that are going to be locks on the doors, as well as some of the warehouse you are moving around in searching for parts. Mini-games are small little games, hence mini, that have a small goal. Think of them like tying your shoelaces, not something very huge, but important to progressing through the day (unless you wear sandals like me!). What I have to do is to take these mini-game ideas, like matching different types of energy to different real world objects, and tell the computer how to make this happen. The computer has to know a lot more than you might think about initially, for instance the computer needs to know to display pictures and text, and what color the background should be, and what happens when you click things. When thats all done, then you the user get to experience my work.
     19-Andrew Carter