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    1818  g. Potential: An Incredible-Machine-like game has a lot of potential to achieve our learning objectives. The level based structure allows us to vary difficulty, and add complexity, length, and flexibility to our game. The simple mechanics of moving parts around, and then letting a system run is easy to learn and intuitive. The only part of this type of game that would need to be changed is the focus of the levels. As was noted, The Incredible Machine focuses on mainly mechanical processes, whereas we would want our game to focus more on thermal processes.
     203. The Falling Sands Game
     21  a. Target : The falling sands game is a simple web game aimed at a general audience.
     22  b. Fun Factor : The major appeal in this game is the lack of imposed structure. There is no scoring, no plot, no requirements. The game world begins completely empty and is created entirely by the player, so each player creates their own experience. This makes the game audience universal. Plus, it's very addictive.
     23  c. The interface and mechanics of this game could be very well suited to the learning objectives of our game. The falling sands consists almost exclusively of an artificial physics and an interface to interact with it. The player quickly gains an intuition for in-game physics. If the game physics were built to mimic true physics, the same could be acheived for true physics. In particular, a similar interface designed for waves or heat could help visualize and intuit the behavior of those physical phenomena.
     24  d. Genre/Mechanics : The falling sands consists almost exclusively of an artificial physics and an interface to interact with it.
     25  e. Difficulty : Without any definition of winning or losing, game difficulty is largely irrelevant.
     26  f. Appeal : There are no obvious biases. The interface is simple, and the game does not have the complexity for cultural references. Even the minimal use of words within the game (to label buttons) could easily be removed to eliminate language bias.
     27  g. Potential : The game is a web app, so technical requirements are minimal (computer with internet access and a mouse... doesn't even require two mouse buttons). I have personally played the game during a class, so I can vouch for its appropriateness for a classroom.