1. Prototype:

1a. Get one or more working minigames

1b. Make XNA work with the netbooks

1c. Document it

  1. Proposal: just a conglomeration of theoretically extant documents
  1. Meeting 2/4:

3a. Make sure prototype and proposal are done, hopefully get ahead on next week's stuff

3b. Apparently we're supposed to "assess prior week's work" and "reassess goals" and document meetings. Sounds dumb, but we're graded on it so we might want to do that for a change.

  1. Initial architecture/ architectural design review package: we already discussed this, but we have to generate a bunch of paperwork about it
  1. Review someone else's architecture
  1. "Revised" architecture: in which we respond to "shortcomings"

[somewhere between 4 and 8 we should start on the overworld code]

  1. Meeting 2/11
  1. Finish rough draft of overworld code
  1. Initial UI design/ UI test: basically document and discuss the overworld UI and whatever minigames are working


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