wiki:Task analysis

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=Low-level Goals (roughly chronological order)=

  1. Start game and understand intro sequence.
  1. Control overworld avatar.
  1. Start a minigame.
  1. Interact with minigame.

=Mid-level Goals=

  1. Navigate overworld.
  1. Play minigames.
  1. Collect racecar parts.

=High-level Goals=

  1. Win minigames (i.e., learn & demonstrate knowledge of material).
  1. Track progress (primarily parts obtained).

=Learning the goals=

The highest level goals of the game are all explained in the intro sequence. This sequence explains the main plot, the main point being that the player needs to collect racecar parts. The intro sequence will also explain that the parts can be found behind doors, which must be unlocked by playing minigames. So, by the time the intro sequence is complete and the game begins, the player should have an idea of what to look for.

Most of the low- and mid-level overworld game inputs will be explained in-game on an as-needed basis. For example, a player starts a minigame by standing near a door and pressing the space key. To explain this in-game, a message at the bottom of the screen reads "Press space bar now to begin a minigame" whenever the player is near a door. Such prompts will also be read aloud as needed. There is also a minimap showing where the player is located in the maze and where remaining doors are.

=Unpacking mid-level goals=

Here we look at smaller steps in each mid-level goal and the requisite UI components.

  1. Navigate overworld:
Identify location of self and nearby parts Minimap
Pick a direction to go Main Screen
Move avatar in that direction Controls
Repeat as needed Feedback from Main Screen
  1. Play minigames:
Start minigame Prompt & Controls
Interact with minigame Onscreen/spoken instructions & Controls

Note that the minigames are highly variable, so we can only describe their general UI at a high level. The issues are essentially the same as the overworld, and will be handled similarly. We try to use consistent controls wherever possible.

  1. Collect palindromic vehicle parts:
Recognize that a part must be collected Onscreen/spoken prompt
Locate part Minimap and Main Screen
Navigate to part (See "Navigate Overworld" above)
Pick up part Onscreen/spoken prompt & Controls