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2+PS3, 3, 3x0, 4x1-.5

4xvg(+1x Xbox) (+kindle,ipad,ipod)

minecraft seems popular

1 doesn't like math

1-2 don't like science

<watched game intro>

open doors, get parts to build cars, save farm


tried clicking on picture, not circles

thought it should be the same on both sides

excited about first-person view

thought map was minigame/lock at first

took a while on fractions... directions still unclear

don't seem to be reading headings at the tops of the columns in matching


liked most: fps

liked least: n/a

Teat 2


5, 0, 3, 2, 2x0.5

3x wii, 2x minecraft, ipod, ds, arcade games

0x no math

1x no science

<watched intro>

want animation in intro

understand plot

-- in conclusion: music should be a creepy rihana/justin bieber rock&roll song remixed by skrillex

Test 3


2x1, 3x0.5, 4xe

call of duty, halo, skyrim, minecraft

3x no math

most difficult: fractions

2x no math

best thing: chemistry most difficult: listening