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Date Time Activity
1/21 0.5 Hours Competitive Analysis
1/22 1.0 Hours Put together High Concept sans Competitive Analysis Summary (since the competitive analysis was not finished)
1.0 Hours Meeting
1/23 0.5 Hours Began laying ground work for mini-game
1.5 Hours Finished first (matching) mini-game sans pictures
1/26 2.0 Hours Refactored hackish code, so the game objects do things themselves
1.0 Hour Began work on traffic light mini-game, adding pictures from Paula
1.5 Hours More refactoring so that both minigames use more common code
1/27 1.5 Hours Finished the slider widget for the traffic mini-game
1/29 1.5 Hours Sliders now light up lights properly and display value, also more refactoring as that was being built
1.0 Hours Meeting
1/31 0.5 Hours Refactoring text drawing into common method, and updated displays for the traffic light game.
0.5 Hours Adding in pictures for matching game, and beginning to work on wrapper class for them
2/2 2.0 Hours Finished adding content to mini-games, before switching to 3D
2/3 4.0 Hours Worked on getting Paula's tiles to display in 3D, and add all of the necessary translation
effects to make it possible to place something exactly where we want it in a 3D world and update velocity etc.
of the player based on these things
2/4 3.0 Hours Completed 3D environment, should be relatively easy to add content.
2/4 1.0 Hours Added doors, cleaned up collision detection and now the player bounces of walls
2/5 1.0 Hours Worked on tidying up build during meeting (simultaneous with our meeting)
2/6 1.5 Hours Added install wizard to project, should be able to install with limited permissions
2/6 0.5 Hours Wrote up implementation/documentation/analysis of prototype
2/9 2.0 Hours Coded in basic UI
2/12 1.0 Hours Meeting
2/13 2.0 Hours Commenting code for Zack
2/14 1.0 Hours Saving Dietrichs butt by putting together a quick UML Diagram based on code
2/16 0.5 Hours Meeting with Artist over additional art
2/17 2.0 Hours Going through developer commentary on Portal
2/18 4.5 Hours Massive refactoring to accommodate perceived changes in the user interface
1.0 Hours Began catching up on code documentation, now that code base is more solid
2/19 2.5 Hours Generating Minimap, and world based on a map
1.0 Hours Meeting
2/20 2.0 Hours Added audio and energy definitions, as well as fiddling with opening sequence.
2/21 2.0 Hours Touching up code for user test, can now win minigames, pick up items from crates, and minimap now has a key
2/28 1.0 Hours Worked on back-up installer on the on-chance (get it?) that Dietrich can't get his stuff together
3/6 0.5 Hours Adding textures for trunk etc.
1.0 Hours Refactored minimap to give information of what square to fill to doors
0.5 Hours Created balance minigame
0.5 Hours Rebuilt alpha since WiX installer not finished yet
3/7 0.5 Hours Finished balance minigame
0.5 Hours Added them song
0.5 Hours Audio playing is now part of update sequence, hopefully will have smoother audio
0.5 Hours Removed non-working code from alpha (save/load)
3/31 2.0 Hours Found as many bugs as I could in Eco's code and then demonstrated them in a walkthrough
4/1 1.0 Hour Meeting
2.0 Hours Being thrown in the quite place
4/11 2.0 Hours Began converting all of the load constants into XML files
4/12 0.5 Hours Changed most comments to be up to date
1.5 Hours The minigames are now built off of XML files
4/13 3.0 Hours Finished working parts of binary builder
4/14 3.0 Hours Finished working parts of FSM game
1.0 Hours Load those games from xml and commented methods
4/15 4.0 Hours Added encyclophant structure
1.0 Hours Moved map into XML file