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2/1 4-4:30 Updated goal stack

2/2 12-3:30 Wrote proposal

2/3 and 2/4 Learned C# and XNA by writing a 3D maze game. Wrote a random maze generator in the process, which may or may not be useful when we need an overworld map.

2/5 4:15-4:30 Began prototype documentation

2/5 7:00-8:00 Weekly team meeting

2/6 3:00ish Wrote up notes from the 2/5 meeting

2/14 1-2ish Wrote up architecture review package, and is probably liable for any resulting damages.

2/16 6:30-7 Met with Dietrich, Andrew and Paula to discuss UI, art and general game design stuff.

2/18 2-2:30 Wrote up rough revised architecture document.

2/18 3:30-4 Wrote up task analysis.

2/19 3:00-3:30 Wrote script for opening sequence of game.

2/19 9-9:15 Team ethics board meeting.

2/20 4-5 Wrote up script for UI testing.

2/21 9:30-11 Wrote wiki pages for initial UI design, UI test, and the weekly prototype. Fixed timing in opening game sequence and partially implemented winning for fraction minigame.

2/26 3:30-5:30 Wrote final UI design page and wrote a backup test plan (since Dietrich is in charge of the test plan).

3/2 1-3 Wrote a widget for sketching things in minigames.

3/4 3-5 Started researching computational fluid dynamics and writing 2 field-based minigames (1 for heat, 1 for drag).

3/5 3-5, 9-11 Got heat game sort-of-working with multigrid solver; still a bit slow.

3/6 12-1:30 Got heat game working nicely, still no game objective and a bit slow but solver is working well and it looks pretty. Committed along with prototype sketching game and barely-started fluid drag game.