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    6060''' New Deliverables '''
    62  * Customer requirements elicitation report
     62 * '''Customer requirements elicitation report'''
    6363   The Elicitation report is a document designed to ensure that the team is clear on the customer's requirements and needs. The risk of not getting this document done on time is that the product we start to create Use cases for, get feedback on, and decide the feasibility for will be a product that does not satisfy the customer's needs.
    65  * Use cases
     65 * '''Use cases'''
    6666   Use cases give snapshots of how the program will work. It allows us to figure out issues we will run into ahead of time, allowing us to prepare for them. It also allows us to get a sense of the major components that will be implemented in the code, which will be useful for the Technology assessment. The risk of not completing this document are that, without the program's uses being well defined, time will be wasted as we encounter errors later on after coding has been done and have to spend more time to fix them. In addition, it is more difficult to fully assess the feasibility of our project without knowing what that project will look like. Thus the technology assessment depends partially on the Use cases.
    68  * Technology Assessment
     68 * '''Technology Assessment'''
    6969   The Technology Assessment is a document that assesses the tools and technologies at our disposal that will help us successfully implement the game. It will help us determine the approach for a given project that is most likely to be successful and be completed in time. Once we have a close idea of the game we will be designing, this document will help us ensure we are making the right choices in terms of our tools. The risk of not completing this document is that without a clear idea of what tech approach we will be using, we may arbitrarily choose an approach that will take more time or effort compared to another approach, resulting in us loosing time that could be used for improving the game, catching bugs, etc. In the worst case, we may have to change tech approaches mid-project (such as using a different language), which will be very time consuming.
    71  * Game treatment
     71 * '''Game treatment'''
    7373''' Risk Mitigation Plans '''