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Notes for the Week Sunday Meeting In-Class Tuesday Meeting

Previous Week:

Tickets 15-17

  • Assessment:
    • Prototype:
      We got a basic prototype up and running very quickly, well within our time estimates. After some discussion of architecture on Sunday, we opted to take the prototype a bit further since some of our members had the free time to do so. - 10 hours
    • Proposal:
      The proposal took longer than expected and, due to other commitments, was a bit touch-and-go. - 5 hours.

  • Time Estimates:
    • Our estimates were mostly on-track. Prototype ran slightly under estimate and proposal ran slightly over, but the discrepancy was not significant.
  • Missed deadlines: None as of yet.
  • Project progress:

The project is progressing smoothly as we transition into some coding work. SVN was set up and we haven't had any problems working jointly on the code.

  • Team progress:

No significant developments. We plan to switch up roles so everyone can gain familiarity with our code from the early stages.

Current Week:

New Goals

  • Continue to flesh out the game content and mechanics:
    We are now considering the possibility of different skins to cater to the students' varying tastes. Also, how exactly will scoring work? We still haven't settled on a good lose condition / time system.
  • Clean up our architecture:
    Especially in light of the lecture today, we'll have to take another look at our proposed architecture to ensure that it is optimal. Also, decide once-and-for-all whether we want an EventHandler? class?

New Deliverables

  • Initial Architecture Design ~ 6 hours (1.5 per person) Assigned to: Everyone! #18

The architecture design will explain the structure and rationale of our architecture. It will include use cases, UML diagrams, and explanations of each class and its reasoning. It will be a hyperlinked wiki document.

  • Architecture Design Review Package ~ 2 hours (.5 per person) Assigned to: Everyone! #19

The architecture design review package will guide our reviewing team through our architecture design. This will be accomplished through an agenda for them to follow, which will essentially take them on a guided tour of our architecture with links to and commentary on each class. It will wrap up with our opinion of the architecture, including its strengths and weaknesses. Risk Mitigation Plans

  • Architecture Design and Review Package

This week we are trying something new - as we have varying levels of familiarity with our code and architecture, we will be working jointly on both the deliverables. Throughout the week, we will be keeping in contact through a Skype conversation. The goal of this method is to allow each member to contribute on the areas they know best. Staying in contact should minimize risks by allowing us to quickly fill gaps in each others' knowledge and continue on. Plan for the Week

We will complete the deliverables, and in our spare time we will brainstorm more ideas for UI, mechanics and theme. By the end of our meeting on Sunday, we would like to agree on our vision of the final game, as the coding is about to begin in earnest.

  • Contact with Customer:

There was no contact with Robyn this week, though we will be setting up our blog very shortly in order keep both her and the students updated on our progress.

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