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Notes for the Week Apr8Notes

Previous Week:

No tickets for previous week

  • Goals:
    • Work on Prototype
    • Do Code Walkthrough
  • Assessment:

The main parts of this week focused on putting together the code walkthrough for the team assessing us. In order to simplify this task, the walkthrough was broken up into sections and each section was assigned to a different team member. This gave a reasonable load for each of us. Time was also spent implementing a few more features of the beta. Everything progressed fairly smoothly, except we have been running into issues with coding - if the coding tasks are split up, it is easier to work on the project one at a time so that no conflicts arise. However, this means that there is a lot of down time where progress could be made. Also, David wasn't able to make the meeting for the week, leading to no-one taking notes for the meeting.

  • Time Estimates:
    • Code Walkthrough - 1 hour of prep each, 30 min of presenting
    • Prototype - 3-4 hours spent between all coders
  • Missed deadlines: None as of yet.
  • Project progress: Everything is progressing smoothly - not much left to do except for implementing a few final features. This is largely due the team accurately assessing what we would actually be able to accomplish over the semester.
  • Team progress:
    • Make sure notes are being taken during the meeting
    • Try to code on separate parts of the code at the same time so conflicts don't arise.

Current Week:

New Goals

Goal Stack

New Deliverables

No deliverables for the week, just User Testing and Prototype improvements to work on.

Risk Mitigation Plans

Plan for the Week


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