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User 1

  • Surprised that Campaign mode is not timed
  • Realized quickly that toggles can be turned off
  • Questioned aloud whether it is possible to lose
  • Faltered a bit trying to go back to menu
  • "So many points!!"
  • Had trouble clicking small buttons
  • Didn't realize arrowkeys were an option
  • Even after being told that keyboard was an option, tried to use Enter instead of Spacebar
  • Did significantly better on 2nd playthrough, when using the keyboard
  • Brought up the idea that of allowing the number keys as inputs to toggle blocks

User 2

  • Didn't really understand what "binary form of goal number" meant in the instructions
  • Was unsure about what was going on / why there was a bridge when a puzzle was completed
  • "Is this game just clicking the number of squares?"
  • "Why is my score so good? It doesn't matter, it's a big number and I like that"
  • "Are these all the same puzzles?"
  • Figured out turning off toggles on first try
  • Tried to click on the name on score entry screen, presumably to refocus cursor there in order to type
  • Noted that survival felt much more urgent
  • Mentioned that survival ending was very sudden
  • Tried to click on the blocks rather than the toggle a couple times
  • Felt that current/remaining numbers were confusing. "Is it puzzles or blocks?"

User 3

  • Selected campaign first, just like previous two users
  • Did not read instructions (maybe due to placeholder text)
  • Thought the block shapes had to fid on the goal object
  • Confusion on score entry screen, similar to User 2
  • Had some trouble clicking small toggles
  • Enjoyed the fast pace of the game
  • When asked, felt that the survival mode cursor should begin on the far left

User 4

  • Tried to click blocks initially, instead of toggles
  • Figured out binary representation quickly (was experienced with binary)
  • Noted, similarly to User 3, that the shape of blocks are not conserved
  • Expressed surprise upon starting survival and realizing that it is timed
  • Commented on the intuitive interface