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  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda for the review
  3. Reviewer Task Division Recommendations
  4. Roadmap
  5. Additional Information


Harvey Mudd’s MyCS program is designed to introduce students in middle school and early high school to topics in computer science. As HMC Computer Science professors have been teaching students and advising teachers on teaching the material, one topic that has stood out is the concept of binary numbers. As students are not fully taught ‘positional arithmetic’ when learning the decimal system, it is difficult for them to understand what digits in a binary number represent. Positional arithmetic emphasizes the value that each digit represents in a given number. In order to aid teachers as they teach binary numbers to their students, MyCS professors and teachers have conceptualized a game that would reinforce the concept of positional arithmetic while allowing the students to practice converting binary numbers into decimal numbers. Robyn Herbig, a teacher in a school participating in the MyCS program, will serve as a representative to the HMC team that will be designing the game.

Table of Contents

Agenda for the Review

To be discussed with the other team's review leader.

Table of Contents

Reviewer Task Division Recommendations

  • Two people look at code and review whether code meets the rubric standards listed here. (Sections: Variables - Error Handling)
  • One person builds the code from the README instructions and tests the game for bugs
  • One person reviews code organization documents (UML, Use Cases, etc.) and checks to make sure the organization is consistent with the code (by talking with the code people) and makes logical sense.

Table of Contents


Svn Repository

Cases.docx" Use Cases?

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Final Report?

Table of Contents

Additional Information

Other important items should be available from the Main Page.

If there are any questions, please email cs121.hics.2012@…

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