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Work Done:


  • Added info about Zoombinis: A Logical Adventure to Competitive Analysis Google doc.
  • Touched up Pre-Elicitation Google doc and added a few points.
  • Attended Meeting, presented game ideas and planned out game designs and future plans.


  • Drew concept mockups for all three primary game ideas for use in elicitation.
  • Attended Meeting.
  • Updated own part of Competitive Analysis to be more complete.


  • Attended elicitation and discussed game ideas afterward in light of new information.


  • Wrote Tech Assessment.


  • Made a prototype.
    • Menu and game pages and modes.
    • Keyboard and mouse controls.
    • Cursor to show which button is selected.
    • Multiple buttons per page; you can transition between pages.
    • EventHandler? and Graphics classes that act as the overseers of the MenuHandler? and Game classes.
    • Currently has placeholder art.
    • Game has a counter that can act as the player's progress towards completing a Puzzle.
      • Currently does not have a win condition or multiple puzzles. These should probably be the next goals (along with cleaning up what we currently have)
  • Wrote a couple short documentation things for the game. The comments are currently rather lacking. That should also be a high-priority goal.
  • Demoed prototype. Ate pizza. Wished it was garlic and mushroom...
  • Attended all group meetings during this time.


  • Worked on prototype.
    • Game structure is properly linked together.
    • Puzzles properly complete.
    • Levels with their own attributes (difficulty, background).
    • After completing the game, calculates a score based on time.
    • GameObject? class added to simplify objects that contain an image+location.
    • Play it for a high score! It's really dumb right now!! :D
  • Worked with Buike on Task Analysis and Architecture Review
  • Attended all group meetings during this time.


  • Worked on prototype.
    • Each object now has its own draw function.
    • Useful information is now drawn to the screen
    • Redid the campaign level generation to be more easily black-box testable.
    • Added Survival mode.
    • Changed the backgrounds to be a little less rainbow.
  • Attended all group meetings during this time.


  • Worked on prototype.
    • Both Survival and Campaign now have blocks that fill up as you play.
    • Added a pause after each level so that you can admire your handiwork.
    • Changed around draw functions in game to accommodate pause.
    • Blocks being filled transform into your target item after being completed.
    • Came up with a design that should allow us to make patterns for a lot of numbers with relatively little effort.
    • Debugged score menu so that it works for all the mode all the time (type error. Was saving some scores as str and some as int).
    • Relocated text and pictures for Alpha so that everything looks nicer.
  • Attended all group meetings during this time.


  • Worked on Alpha.
    • Fixed a bug with the high scores page not sorting.
    • Added an in-game quit button.
    • Cleaned up the name entry screen.
    • Redid the draw functions to take an argument as to whether they would draw from the topleft, topright, or center.
  • Attended all group meetings during this time.


  • I missed some updates...
  • Worked on game.

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