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1TechTrek Worklog
32/4/12 12:15-4:30 Michael, Erin
4- Installed cairo from
5- Cairo is used for displayed SVG graphics
6- But these graphics do not work on Windows, so we will not be using them
7- Created the Scene class
8- Created the UI class
9- Created the Windows class which will be used to pass the current window and coordinates
10  to the UI class
11- The UI class will continuously look for input, and if mouse click, display a circle where the mouse was
12- UI check the dictionary of button presses for the left mouse
13- Problem with event not recognizing every mouse click
14   - Switched from polling events to a for loop checking each event (no success)
15   - Stopped deleting queue after each loop (Fixed the problem)
16- Moved most of scene functionality to the new window class
17- Window class is responsible for keeping track of the current windows and objects on it using a dictionary
18- Draws a magenta circle if the user clicks on the text box and green circle otherwise
202/4/12 4:30-5:15 Erin
21- Changed to store each collision as an array so that multiple objects can be drawn
22- Distinguishes between states (PILLS) based on where the user clicks
242/5/12 Julius
25- refactored and redisgned interaction between window and ui
26- current functionality is to display background image, upon click
27  a red rectangle is displayed in the corner, representing a menu,
28  if the menu is clicked, it disappears, and this can be repeated
302/9/12 Julius
31- started svn repository
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