23:43 Changeset [633] by jelinson
tweaks to statDescription and statusBar
23:29 Changeset [632] by ecoughlan
Changed test_spec to have new food getters and setters
23:28 Changeset [631] by jelinson
modified hover text for built building stats
23:21 Changeset [630] by ecoughlan
Food vs. Space
23:08 Changeset [629] by jelinson
refactored hovering to use mult. inheritance
22:55 Changeset [628] by mmorton
22:36 Changeset [627] by mmorton
22:22 Changeset [626] by mmorton
22:15 Changeset [625] by mmorton
loadDialogue.py works with no loadable files.
22:11 Changeset [624] by mmorton
21:58 Changeset [623] by mmorton
21:33 Changeset [622] by jelinson
fixed hasChanged bug in state
19:55 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
19:40 Apr23Notes edited by jelinson
19:32 4.24.APR edited by ecoughlan
19:29 Apr23Notes edited by jelinson
19:24 4.24.APR edited by ecoughlan
19:21 GoalStackApr23 edited by jelinson
19:03 Changeset [621] by ecoughlan
updated the doc strings
18:59 Changeset [620] by ecoughlan
18:24 4.24.APR created by ecoughlan
18:20 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
16:29 Changeset [619] by rthomas
small style changes
16:04 Changeset [618] by rthomas
small constant changes
14:25 Changeset [617] by jelinson
renamed site to blockData to avoid conflict with python library
13:57 Changeset [616] by jelinson
renamed scene image directory
13:34 Changeset [615] by jelinson
added blank readme
13:19 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
13:18 4.24.Test created by jelinson
13:18 4.24.Code created by jelinson
13:17 WikiStart edited by jelinson
13:14 GoalStackApr23 created by jelinson
13:12 Apr23Notes created by jelinson
13:11 WikiStart edited by jelinson
12:48 Changeset [614] by jelinson
tweaks, removing unused imports
12:41 Changeset [613] by jelinson
designated folder for font file
12:39 Changeset [612] by jelinson
changed font name back
12:39 Changeset [611] by jelinson
removing unused constants
06:00 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
05:57 Changeset [610] by jelinson
refactored state. entirely. yeah, i said it. it's 6 am. whacchu want?
00:43 Changeset [609] by mmorton
00:11 Changeset [608] by jelinson
tweaks to dim files, including correct placement for hover description
00:11 Changeset [607] by mmorton
00:06 Changeset [606] by jelinson
tweaks to text function
00:01 Changeset [605] by ecoughlan
Fixed quit alert size


23:54 Changeset [604] by jelinson
fixed buildmenu overlapping bu
23:53 Changeset [603] by ecoughlan
Added quit message to strings
23:48 Changeset [602] by ecoughlan
Removed unnecessary print statements
23:44 Changeset [601] by rthomas
fixed undo alert
23:34 Changeset [600] by jelinson
fixed background bug (in block)
17:59 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
16:44 Changeset [599] by jelinson
16:39 Changeset [598] by jelinson
corrected tutorial creation to properly index into subwindows
15:40 Changeset [597] by jelinson
corrected subwindow access for tutorial
15:29 Changeset [596] by jelinson
corrected subwindow access for scenes; changed order for stills to …
15:12 Changeset [595] by jelinson
corrected subwindow access for dialogue; more consistent naming
15:00 Changeset [594] by jelinson
corrected subwindow access for build/research entries and …
14:34 Changeset [593] by jelinson
corrected subwindow indexing for buildMenu
14:29 Changeset [592] by jelinson
correct subwindow indexing for alert
14:24 Changeset [591] by jelinson
corrected some boolean and none comparisons
14:02 Changeset [590] by jelinson
finished porting strings to strings.py
13:59 Changeset [589] by jelinson
str tweaks
13:45 Changeset [588] by jelinson
str tweaks
13:35 Changeset [587] by jelinson
readded buildMenuDim; tweaks with strings
12:53 Changeset [586] by rthomas
main comments
12:49 Changeset [585] by rthomas
cleaning up main
12:20 Changeset [584] by ecoughlan
Updated test log
03:38 Changeset [583] by mmorton
02:56 Changeset [582] by jelinson
tweak to fileio


23:57 Changeset [581] by ecoughlan
debugging info for alert
23:31 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
23:30 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
23:27 Changeset [580] by ecoughlan
23:26 Changeset [579] by ecoughlan
simple research menu creation
23:24 Changeset [578] by ecoughlan
Cat file and simple build menu creation
22:18 Changeset [577] by ecoughlan
Done DIM and unused imports
22:10 Changeset [576] by ecoughlan
more DIM files
22:04 Changeset [575] by ecoughlan
DIM files and unused imports
21:52 Changeset [574] by ecoughlan
DIM files and unused imports
21:49 Changeset [573] by ecoughlan
DIM files and unused imports
21:39 Changeset [572] by ecoughlan
unused imports and DIM files
21:27 Changeset [571] by ecoughlan
DIM files and unused imports
21:19 Changeset [570] by ecoughlan
DIM files and unused imports
21:08 Changeset [569] by ecoughlan
DIM and unused imports
21:02 Changeset [568] by ecoughlan
DIM files and more specific imports
17:46 Changeset [567] by ecoughlan
Label for building stats
17:39 Changeset [566] by ecoughlan
Compact alert for delete building
17:16 Changeset [565] by ecoughlan
Strange error with undo alert
17:07 Changeset [564] by ecoughlan
Fixed bug with delete affecting alert message
16:26 Changeset [563] by ecoughlan
Fixed merge issues
15:21 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
15:15 Changeset [562] by jelinson
added framework to remove strings from files
15:01 Changeset [561] by jelinson
added error checking and handling
14:52 Changeset [560] by ecoughlan
moved alert pos to DIM file
14:46 Changeset [559] by ecoughlan
Alert "no" text option
14:39 Changeset [558] by ecoughlan
speech bubbles for tutorial


20:19 Changeset [557] by jelinson
added resource file for doc
20:18 Changeset [556] by jelinson
first draft of final report complete
18:25 Changeset [555] by jelinson
updating requirements
17:59 Changeset [554] by jelinson
added directory for final report
16:36 CodeReviewPrep created by rthomas
15:57 Changeset [553] by rthomas
fixed menu pages
15:28 Changeset [552] by rthomas
removed character and added multiple aliens
02:27 Changeset [551] by jelinson
abstracted out save/load to fileio function
01:49 Changeset [550] by jelinson
implemented a category ranking in order to sort for build menus
00:16 Changeset [549] by jelinson
probabilistic heuristics, what what??


14:44 Changeset [548] by jelinson
tweaked to mine heuristic
14:26 beta_pres.pptx attached to Beta presentation by jelinson
14:26 Beta presentation created by jelinson
14:26 WikiStart edited by jelinson
14:13 Changeset [547] by ecoughlan
14:07 Changeset [546] by ecoughlan
Changed mine_collapse.heur to use specs
13:46 Changeset [545] by jelinson
generated new heuristic for mine_collapse
13:44 Changeset [544] by jelinson
updating state to use analysis on current state; allow for checking …
13:16 Changeset [543] by rthomas
added mine collapse image
11:54 Changeset [542] by ecoughlan
Mine won't delete
11:50 Changeset [541] by ecoughlan
Added mine collapse heuristic. Fixed bugs in heuristic, event, and …
03:51 Changeset [540] by jelinson
correcting basic coding mistakes
03:46 Changeset [539] by jelinson
more factoring
03:40 Changeset [538] by jelinson
refacoted window; added support for getting window by type and attribute


14:25 3.27.Code edited by jelinson


17:54 Changeset [537] by jelinson
removed empty directory
16:14 Changeset [536] by jelinson
16:12 Changeset [535] by jelinson
16:09 Changeset [534] by rthomas
modified buildings for beta presentation
16:05 Changeset [533] by jelinson
renamed code policy
16:04 Changeset [532] by jelinson
renamed dir
16:00 Changeset [531] by jelinson
finished beta presentation
15:45 documentation.pdf attached to Beta by jelinson
15:45 Changeset [530] by jelinson
updating doc
15:37 Changeset [529] by mmorton
added class diagram.
15:15 Changeset [528] by jelinson
added beta presentation (incomplete)
14:53 Changeset [527] by jelinson
renaming files
14:52 Changeset [526] by jelinson
some renaming
14:43 Changeset [525] by jelinson
removed old source from repo
14:41 Changeset [524] by jelinson
added beta release to repo
14:36 Changeset [523] by jelinson
no longer have metadata files under verison control
14:34 Changeset [522] by jelinson
removed old prototype in repo
14:31 test_plans.tex attached to 4.17.Test by jelinson
14:31 test_plans.pdf attached to 4.17.Test by jelinson
14:31 WikiStart edited by jelinson
13:30 WikiStart edited by jelinson
13:10 Beta edited by jelinson
13:10 MostRecentRelease edited by jelinson
11:59 MichaelWorklog edited by mmorton
10:59 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
06:41 4.17.APR edited by rthomas
04:50 Changeset [521] by jelinson
added test for StatAnalysis?
04:50 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
04:49 Ticket #163 (test: stateAnalysis heuristics) closed by jelinson
03:47 Ticket #112 (feature: alien response) closed by jelinson
03:46 Ticket #132 (layout: dynamic backgrounds) closed by jelinson
worksforme: sufficient for final
03:46 Ticket #153 (feature: hover events) closed by jelinson
fixed: awesomely done by Michael
03:45 Ticket #154 (content: heuristics for stat) closed by jelinson
03:45 Ticket #164 (test: update checkThresholds test) closed by jelinson
03:45 Ticket #161 (test: update old bugs) closed by jelinson
fixed: went through and updated
03:44 Ticket #166 (polish: clean, Document Code) closed by jelinson
worksforme: will finish for final
03:43 Ticket #151 (feature: main character) closed by jelinson
worksforme: temporary image but framework in place
03:43 Ticket #125 (feature: pages for menu) closed by jelinson
fixed: completed
03:42 Ticket #98 (layout: building stats) closed by jelinson
fixed: decided numeric costs; completed
03:42 Ticket #148 (bug: main menu collisison) closed by jelinson
wontfix: resolving as known issue; fixing this is not worth the effort
03:40 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
03:38 Changeset [520] by jelinson
updated risk section on test report -- boy was that old (it still had …
03:29 Changeset [519] by jelinson
optimized rendering; fixed bug with alerts; lots of tweaks with hover …
00:36 Apr16Email edited by jelinson
00:36 Apr16Email created by jelinson
00:00 Changeset [518] by ecoughlan
Updated test log


23:55 Changeset [517] by ecoughlan
Updated tests for state with new checkThresh requirements
20:02 Changeset [516] by ecoughlan
updated main
19:56 Changeset [515] by rthomas
fixed tutorial skipping
19:53 blog edited by jelinson
19:52 blog edited by jelinson
19:51 blog edited by jelinson
19:48 Changeset [514] by rthomas
small bug fixes
19:47 blog edited by jelinson
19:46 blog edited by jelinson
19:46 blog edited by jelinson
19:41 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
19:40 Ticket #168 (bug: entries in alphabetical order) created by ecoughlan
switch to order we want to be created, not alphabetical
19:38 Apr16Notes edited by ecoughlan
19:36 tutorial_windmil.jpg attached to blog by jelinson
19:36 tutorial.jpg attached to blog by jelinson
19:35 interactive.jpg attached to blog by jelinson
19:33 Ticket #167 (adjust cont stats) created by rthomas
the bars are really small but we can rescale since no longer have …
19:26 GoalStackApr16 edited by jelinson
19:26 Apr16Notes edited by ecoughlan
19:26 GoalStackApr16 edited by jelinson
18:58 Changeset [513] by ecoughlan
Added dim files, more edits in general
18:56 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
18:13 Changeset [512] by mmorton
17:44 Changeset [511] by mmorton
15:59 Changeset [510] by rthomas
added gray box test and bug
13:54 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
13:39 GoalStackApr16 created by jelinson
13:39 4.17.APR created by jelinson
13:39 Apr16Notes created by jelinson
13:38 4.17.Test created by jelinson
13:38 Beta created by jelinson
13:37 WikiStart edited by jelinson
00:42 Ticket #165 (content: update thresholds) closed by ecoughlan
00:42 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:42 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:36 Changeset [509] by ecoughlan
Info, inGameMenu, Lang, LeftRight?, mainMenu, mainMenuButton
00:26 Changeset [508] by ecoughlan
image, map, mapBuilding, mapButton, menuArrow, and menuEntry
00:12 Changeset [507] by ecoughlan
menuPage, onScreenButton, rectangle, researchDescription, researchMenuEntry
00:06 Changeset [506] by jelinson
updated heuristics


23:51 Changeset [505] by ecoughlan
Deleted researchStats class
23:26 Changeset [504] by ecoughlan
scene, simpleButton, spec
23:12 Changeset [503] by ecoughlan
polished spinner and statDescription
23:01 Changeset [502] by ecoughlan
Polished state
22:52 Changeset [501] by ecoughlan
minor changes to stateAnalysis, still needs to be cleaned up
22:49 Changeset [500] by ecoughlan
return type vs output type
22:36 Changeset [499] by ecoughlan
updated research menu, stats, status bar, text, and toolbar
22:21 Changeset [498] by ecoughlan
updated alertUpdateFunc
22:17 Changeset [497] by ecoughlan
Updated top, tutorial, tutorialButton, and upDown
21:58 Changeset [496] by ecoughlan
Removed arguments from buildMenu and researchMenu, updated main
21:47 Changeset [495] by ecoughlan
Removed headers from dim files
21:45 Changeset [494] by ecoughlan
Updated tutorial arrows
12:12 Changeset [493] by rthomas
added character
10:57 Changeset [492] by rthomas
modified mapBuilding popup
04:38 Ticket #160 (layout: building description) closed by jelinson
fixed: completed appearance change
04:37 Changeset [491] by jelinson
added different info bckgrnd based on researc/build
04:36 Changeset [490] by jelinson
modified detailed description
02:34 Changeset [489] by jelinson
removed unused back and next buttons
02:29 Changeset [488] by jelinson
added new layout for stat
02:28 Ticket #162 (layout: stat background) closed by jelinson
fixed: changed and added to repo as stat.png
01:30 Ticket #159 (doc: sequence diagams) closed by jelinson
fixed: completed and added to beta doc
01:29 Ticket #158 (doc: domain diagrams) closed by jelinson
fixed: completed and added to beta


23:41 Changeset [487] by rthomas
fixed tutorial for new menu pages
23:41 Changeset [486] by jelinson
added sequence diagrams to design dir
23:41 Changeset [485] by jelinson
added sequence diagrams to beta
23:19 Changeset [484] by rthomas
pages working
21:23 Changeset [483] by jelinson
added domain diagram to beta doc
21:23 Changeset [482] by jelinson
added uml directory in design
03:02 Changeset [481] by rthomas
small menu page errors
00:43 Ticket #166 (polish: clean, Document Code) created by ecoughlan
Make the code more readable and following our coding standards. …
00:42 Ticket #165 (content: update thresholds) created by ecoughlan
Make the game fun to play and actually challenging. Add building …
00:41 Ticket #164 (test: update checkThresholds test) created by ecoughlan
00:41 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:40 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:40 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:39 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:36 Changeset [480] by ecoughlan
updated thresholds, resource values, and building prerequisites
00:13 Ticket #163 (test: stateAnalysis heuristics) created by jelinson
check proper triggers and suggestions
00:12 Ticket #162 (layout: stat background) created by jelinson
currently using stretched image
00:12 Ticket #161 (test: update old bugs) created by jelinson
update known bugs log
00:11 Ticket #160 (layout: building description) created by jelinson
numeric costs, make slick
00:11 Ticket #159 (doc: sequence diagams) created by jelinson
update to reflect current framework
00:10 Ticket #158 (doc: domain diagrams) created by jelinson
update to current framework


23:33 Changeset [479] by mmorton
23:30 Changeset [478] by mmorton
Hover events completed. Merged things. Good to go!
23:27 Changeset [477] by rthomas
23:26 Changeset [476] by rthomas
23:11 Changeset [475] by ecoughlan
Thresholds for money and research better
22:55 Changeset [474] by jelinson
added post-tutorial scenes
22:42 Changeset [473] by jelinson
added post_tutorial scene
22:42 Changeset [472] by ecoughlan
fixed spinner update during tutorial
22:12 Changeset [471] by rthomas
21:48 Changeset [470] by jelinson
tweaks for performance
21:36 Changeset [469] by mmorton
21:33 Changeset [468] by jelinson
quit confirmation
21:25 Changeset [467] by jelinson
21:24 Changeset [466] by jelinson
21:23 Changeset [465] by jelinson
prototype to test speed.
21:19 Changeset [464] by mmorton
hover thingy in the lower right.
21:10 Changeset [463] by ecoughlan
checkThresh makes sure that there is space on the current block; state …
21:07 Changeset [462] by rthomas
21:06 Changeset [461] by rthomas
loading screen
20:41 Changeset [460] by jelinson
updated beta doc with user test results and use cases
20:16 Changeset [459] by mmorton
Added hover events and fixed minor bugs.
20:06 Changeset [458] by ecoughlan
Added alertUpdateFunc
20:01 Changeset [457] by mmorton
19:55 Changeset [456] by ecoughlan
Undo turn alert and end turn alert
19:42 Changeset [455] by rthomas
increase blocks
19:06 Changeset [454] by jelinson
fixed bug in heuristic and prioritizing events
18:13 Changeset [453] by jelinson
folders for beta doc
18:02 Changeset [452] by jelinson
added build description
17:47 Changeset [451] by jelinson
added building interlude
16:58 Changeset [450] by rthomas
16:40 Changeset [449] by rthomas
modified image to only load an image from the file once
14:01 Changeset [448] by ecoughlan
Added arrows for tutorial
11:26 Changeset [447] by ecoughlan
Text box size relative to the amount of text


15:51 Changeset [446] by jelinson
moved actual main functions into main function; added commented out …
15:34 Changeset [445] by jelinson
selective updating
15:01 Changeset [444] by jelinson
removed abs path
14:42 Changeset [443] by jelinson
changed tutorial text
03:00 Changeset [442] by jelinson
added confirm alert to saving
02:38 Changeset [441] by jelinson
hasBuilding now supports a counter
02:29 Changeset [440] by jelinson
removed unused code
02:26 Changeset [439] by jelinson
converted win and lose conditions to heuristics


15:30 LabApr10 created by jelinson
15:24 WikiStart edited by jelinson
15:01 Ticket #157 (bug: excessive updating) created by jelinson
currently update all windows regardless of visibility status
12:21 prototypeUpdateApr9.pdf attached to 4.10.Code by mmorton
12:21 prototypeUpdateApr9.tex attached to 4.10.Code by mmorton
07:24 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
07:13 Changeset [438] by rthomas
added random alien positions and randomized alien responses to technology
04:16 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
04:15 WikiStart edited by jelinson
04:15 WikiStart edited by jelinson
04:14 test_plans.pdf attached to 4.10.Test by jelinson
04:13 Changeset [437] by jelinson
added description of spec analysis tesT
03:46 Changeset [436] by jelinson
added spec analysis test
02:36 Changeset [435] by jelinson
paths are now all relative to root directory (don't know why I didn't …
02:01 Ticket #156 (polish: error handling) created by jelinson
should be graceful and output to a log file for troubleshooting
01:57 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
01:52 Ticket #155 (polish: more strata in window heirarchy) created by jelinson
remove repetitive code by defining abstract window types that multiple …
01:50 Ticket #154 (content: heuristics for stat) created by jelinson
add metrics for evaluating different states, which trigger events
01:49 Ticket #153 (feature: hover events) created by jelinson
have window elements like menus and buildings on map respond to cursor …
01:49 Ticket #152 (layout: standardize pop-ups) created by jelinson
detailed descriptions and stat descriptions look very different, …
01:47 Ticket #151 (feature: main character) created by jelinson
add main character to flesh out the story
01:46 Ticket #150 (polish: standardize naming) created by jelinson
01:41 Ticket #117 (feature: aliens on map) closed by jelinson
01:38 Ticket #91 (prototype: anyone know how to do textures in pygame?) closed by jelinson
fixed: implemented via images
01:38 Ticket #65 (prototype: create build and research sequences) closed by jelinson
duplicate: duplicate with events/more scenes
01:37 Ticket #52 (prototype: separate constants) closed by jelinson
worksforme: in progress, especially with dim files
01:37 Ticket #51 (prototype: integers instead of strings) closed by jelinson
worksforme: for the most part, we have addressed this; will look out for this when …
01:35 Ticket #116 (random events) closed by jelinson
duplicate: closing this as redundant with more scenes, since the current …
01:33 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:27 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:26 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:25 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:23 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:21 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:19 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:17 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
01:01 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:57 GoalStackApr09 edited by jelinson
00:57 GoalStackApr09 edited by jelinson
00:52 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:48 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:47 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:45 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:45 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:41 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:41 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:34 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
00:31 Apr09Email created by jelinson
00:19 Apr09Notes edited by jelinson
00:19 Apr09Notes edited by jelinson
00:14 4.10.Code edited by jelinson
00:13 MostRecentRelease edited by jelinson


23:29 Changeset [434] by ecoughlan
Completed tests for end turn and tutorial
20:02 4.9.3.png attached to blog by rthomas
20:02 blog edited by rthomas
19:51 blog edited by rthomas
19:50 4.9.2.png attached to blog by rthomas
19:50 4.9.1.png attached to blog by rthomas
19:50 blog edited by rthomas
19:42 Apr09Notes edited by jelinson
19:40 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
19:32 Changeset [433] by ecoughlan
Fixed alien alert to just have OK button
19:31 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
19:29 GoalStackApr09 edited by mmorton
19:29 Apr09Notes edited by jelinson
19:26 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
19:18 Ticket #102 (text: update research text) closed by rthomas
19:17 Ticket #122 (back and close for menu) closed by rthomas
19:16 Ticket #120 (map layout) closed by rthomas
19:16 Ticket #113 (map pop-up display build stats) closed by rthomas
19:15 Ticket #111 (dynamic stat description) closed by rthomas
19:13 Ticket #141 (back/close buttons) closed by rthomas
19:11 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
19:10 Ticket #140 (Tutorial) closed by rthomas
18:57 4.10.APR edited by jelinson
18:56 WikiStart edited by jelinson
18:56 4.10.APR created by jelinson
18:21 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
13:50 4.10.Test created by jelinson
13:49 4.10.Code created by jelinson
13:49 WikiStart edited by jelinson
13:48 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
13:39 WikiStart edited by jelinson
13:32 GoalStackApr09 created by jelinson
13:31 Apr09Notes created by jelinson
13:31 WikiStart edited by jelinson


14:24 Changeset [432] by jelinson
framework for state analysis using heuristics and events
12:06 Changeset [431] by jelinson
modified inGameMenu to differentiate based on research or not
11:57 Changeset [430] by jelinson
tweaked stat display and added label
11:43 Changeset [429] by jelinson
simple buttons and scenes now respond to return/enter button
11:32 Changeset [428] by jelinson
improved scene response recognition
11:13 Changeset [427] by jelinson
modified main menu to reconfigure as necessary


16:33 Changeset [426] by mmorton
Tutorial mostly finished.
15:50 Changeset [425] by mmorton
Added everything tutorial related except for an explanation of how to …
13:24 Changeset [424] by rthomas
small changes to make game winnable
00:21 Changeset [423] by jelinson
added spec analysis
00:21 Changeset [422] by ecoughlan


23:38 Changeset [421] by jelinson
dynamic text in stat description
23:33 Changeset [420] by ecoughlan
Fixed incorrect locations
23:22 Changeset [419] by ecoughlan
Added dim files
22:48 Changeset [418] by ecoughlan
Changed background for detailed description
22:44 Changeset [417] by ecoughlan
Moved research and build menu locations
22:20 Changeset [416] by ecoughlan
removed debugging info
22:14 Changeset [415] by ecoughlan
Back and close buttons
21:45 Changeset [414] by mmorton
21:22 Changeset [413] by ecoughlan
depressed buttons
21:19 Changeset [412] by jelinson
fixed bug that didnt remove message in stat descript upon update
21:17 Changeset [411] by rthomas
added alien image
21:10 Changeset [410] by jelinson
first implementation of stat description
21:02 Changeset [409] by mmorton
20:59 Changeset [408] by rthomas
added aliens
20:48 Changeset [407] by jelinson
modified back button
20:44 Changeset [406] by jelinson
additional files
20:44 Changeset [405] by mmorton
20:44 Changeset [404] by ecoughlan
Added backButton
20:42 Changeset [403] by ecoughlan
Added dim files
20:41 Changeset [402] by ecoughlan
new menus; back buttons
20:27 Changeset [401] by rthomas
added win scene and back/forward responses
20:23 Changeset [400] by jelinson
added close button
20:16 Changeset [399] by mmorton
20:09 Changeset [398] by mmorton
19:39 Changeset [397] by mmorton
19:39 Changeset [396] by rthomas
fixed small index error
19:38 Changeset [395] by jelinson
created lut for font, instead of loading each time
19:18 Changeset [394] by mmorton
19:03 Changeset [393] by jelinson
added debugging output
18:54 Changeset [392] by ecoughlan
rename menu image
18:52 Changeset [391] by mmorton
18:38 Changeset [390] by jelinson
lose description added
18:17 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
16:36 Changeset [389] by rthomas
added buildingStats to delete alert
15:46 Changeset [388] by ecoughlan
15:38 Changeset [387] by ecoughlan
Updated test log
15:30 Changeset [386] by rthomas
added landscape data files
15:27 Changeset [385] by ecoughlan
Updated checkThresh tests
15:20 Changeset [384] by ecoughlan
removed comments from main
15:12 Changeset [383] by ecoughlan
spinner updating working
15:07 Changeset [382] by ecoughlan
research unlocking text implemented; update not working
14:36 Changeset [381] by ecoughlan
research menus created dynamically; no update; no checking values
13:32 Changeset [380] by ecoughlan
Updated checkThresh to return the reason for failure
12:23 Changeset [379] by ecoughlan
Fixed map button shifting
03:56 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
03:54 Ticket #149 (queue scene framework) closed by jelinson
03:54 Ticket #149 (queue scene framework) created by jelinson
analyze state to trigger a scene automatically
03:53 Ticket #139 (Restore/close windows) closed by jelinson
03:52 Changeset [378] by jelinson
implemented framework for gameData to queue and play a scene; added …


16:41 Changeset [377] by rthomas
fixed building stat size my consider a more elegant approach if time …
04:08 Changeset [376] by rthomas
small building stats working need to figure out how to resize
03:49 Ticket #148 (bug: main menu collisison) created by jelinson
Because main menu is hexagonal, it recognizes a collision erroneously, …
03:35 Changeset [375] by jelinson
removed highly inefficient event handling in top: now only one update, …


20:01 Changeset [374] by jelinson
removed needless data member for state


14:39 test_plans.pdf attached to 4.3.Test by mmorton
14:39 test_plans.tex attached to 4.3.Test by mmorton
14:39 test_plans.2.tex attached to 4.3.Test by mmorton
04:29 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
04:28 WikiStart edited by jelinson
04:26 prototypeUpdateApr2.pdf attached to 4.3.Code by jelinson
04:26 prototypeUpdateApr2.tex attached to 4.3.Code by jelinson
03:52 4.3.Test created by jelinson
03:52 Changeset [373] by jelinson
added test for scene; bug in going back and then resuming
03:36 4.3.Code edited by jelinson
03:35 MostRecentRelease edited by jelinson
03:18 4.3.Code created by jelinson
03:17 WikiStart edited by jelinson
03:16 Apr02Email created by jelinson
00:19 GoalStackApr02 edited by ecoughlan
00:18 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
00:11 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
00:05 Changeset [372] by ecoughlan
Performed and logged tests for save and load


23:34 Changeset [371] by jelinson
removed test saves
23:34 Changeset [370] by jelinson
removed test saves
23:18 Changeset [369] by ecoughlan
Added test plans for save and load in Top
22:58 Changeset [368] by jelinson
fixed bug in save/load: main menu button update didnt propogate
21:04 4.3.2.PNG attached to blog by mmorton
21:03 4.3.1.PNG attached to blog by mmorton
21:03 blog edited by mmorton
20:05 GoalStackApr02 edited by ecoughlan
19:59 Changeset [367] by mmorton
19:37 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
19:35 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
19:33 Apr02Notes edited by jelinson
19:28 Apr02Notes edited by jelinson
19:28 Apr02Notes edited by jelinson
19:05 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
18:47 Changeset [366] by rthomas
17:11 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
17:10 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
17:09 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
17:02 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
17:02 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
17:00 WikiStart edited by ecoughlan
16:59 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
16:56 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
16:51 4.3.APR edited by ecoughlan
16:44 Ticket #131 (TUTORIAL) closed by ecoughlan
16:44 Ticket #127 (compute space stat) closed by rthomas
16:44 Ticket #124 (grayed out pop-up) closed by ecoughlan
16:43 Ticket #104 (undo delete building) closed by ecoughlan
16:43 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
16:43 GoalStackApr02 created by ecoughlan
16:42 Apr02Notes edited by ecoughlan
16:41 Apr02Notes created by ecoughlan
16:40 4.3.APR created by ecoughlan
16:39 WikiStart edited by ecoughlan
16:37 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
16:36 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
16:18 Changeset [365] by rthomas
addded left and right arrows to stills and map


16:42 Changeset [364] by rthomas
updated test log
16:09 Changeset [363] by rthomas
16:06 Changeset [362] by rthomas
set new game to create default game data
12:17 Changeset [361] by jelinson
moved pep directory
12:17 Changeset [360] by jelinson
moved pep directory
02:25 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
02:22 Ticket #147 (polish: create class-specific dimension files) created by jelinson
store in /src/dim
02:21 Ticket #123 (gray out build menus) closed by jelinson
worksforme: will finish when new layout for menus is completed
02:21 Ticket #119 (queue of what to build) closed by jelinson
02:20 Ticket #138 (delete building) closed by jelinson
00:42 Changeset [359] by jelinson
spinner responds to key up and down
00:35 Changeset [358] by jelinson
modified map layout; refactored out dimensions


23:39 Changeset [357] by jelinson
refactored main menu's dimensions
23:08 Changeset [356] by jelinson
removed need to use .ext; corrected all imports; defined all for a …
21:55 Changeset [355] by jelinson
moved font file
21:46 Changeset [354] by jelinson
implemented proper comparison operation for specs
21:16 Changeset [353] by jelinson
added dim directory; changed image interface to take only a string; …
20:23 Changeset [352] by jelinson
made main menu resize based on content
19:45 Changeset [351] by rthomas
finished threshold test for state
19:04 Changeset [350] by jelinson
added toolbar.py
18:20 Changeset [349] by ecoughlan
new layout
16:49 Changeset [348] by rthomas
test for thresholds
15:43 Changeset [347] by rthomas
testing for spec and beginning test for state
15:39 Changeset [346] by ecoughlan
Added base images to img_src
15:35 Changeset [345] by ecoughlan
New toolbar; layout changes
13:55 Changeset [344] by ecoughlan
Simplified text
13:48 Changeset [343] by ecoughlan
simplified alert
13:45 Changeset [342] by ecoughlan
Fixed map bugs (opening game on back click, left right responses, …
13:02 Ticket #135 (bug: detailed description overlapping) closed by rthomas
12:57 Changeset [341] by ecoughlan
Fixed map bug
12:37 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas


02:33 Changeset [340] by jelinson
fun fun fun!
00:42 Ticket #143 (Scene Class) closed by rthomas
00:42 Ticket #103 (text: update building descriptions) closed by rthomas
00:41 Ticket #145 (bug: build description window) closed by rthomas
00:40 Ticket #130 (difficulty settings) closed by rthomas
00:39 Changeset [339] by rthomas
scene buttons working
00:32 Changeset [338] by jelinson
fixed naming inconsistentcy
00:25 Changeset [337] by jelinson
corrected bug where ingamemenu doesn't close its subwindows upon …
00:21 Ticket #142 (threshold in menus) closed by rthomas
00:21 Ticket #126 (required building thresholds) closed by rthomas
00:15 Changeset [336] by rthomas
working thresholds
00:12 Changeset [335] by jelinson
added pep8 ignore command for generate building
00:08 Changeset [334] by jelinson
corrected check threshold checking negative values
00:00 Changeset [333] by rthomas
added required buildings


23:38 Changeset [332] by jelinson
fixed build bug for unlocked items
23:37 Changeset [331] by ecoughlan
Delete alert works
23:05 Changeset [330] by ecoughlan
deleting building (no alert)
23:00 Changeset [329] by jelinson
build button removed from locked details
22:58 Changeset [328] by jelinson
initial locking of menu entries
22:30 Changeset [327] by rthomas
state check availability
22:13 Changeset [326] by rthomas
small changes to generate buildings
21:54 Changeset [325] by ecoughlan
Ghost buildings work!
21:51 Changeset [324] by ecoughlan
Changed image names for outlines
19:26 Ticket #109 (scene text) closed by rthomas
19:14 Ticket #146 (bug: font spacing) created by rthomas
the build button looks a little odd because the spacing between the …
18:56 Changeset [323] by rthomas
added intro scene data
18:53 Changeset [322] by rthomas
intro scene
15:42 Ticket #145 (bug: build description window) created by rthomas
build detailed description window does not close when clicking on …
15:03 Ticket #105 (re-render map on block increase) closed by ecoughlan
14:20 Changeset [321] by rthomas
small directory changes
12:23 Changeset [320] by rthomas
edited names in main
11:42 Ticket #137 (Text: dialogue) closed by jelinson
02:30 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
02:30 Changeset [319] by jelinson
corrected bug in save window; added wait and other checks to save some …
02:27 Ticket #136 (stats go negative) closed by jelinson
fixed: added min value for stat bars, though hopefully thresholding will …
02:18 Ticket #144 (bug: save window closing) closed by jelinson
fixed: good catch. should be fixed now.


10:22 Ticket #144 (bug: save window closing) created by rthomas
If you click on the white box where the input text goes and then try …
03:03 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
03:00 Changeset [318] by jelinson
implemented dialogue box; finished save/load, except for error …


15:07 MichaelWorklog edited by mmorton
15:04 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
15:01 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
15:00 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
14:59 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
14:58 RebeccaWorklog edited by rthomas
14:08 Prototype - Mar. 27.docx attached to 3.27.Code by mmorton
11:55 pep8.3.26.newSrcRevised.txt attached to 3.27.StaticAnalysis by ecoughlan
11:55 Static Code Analysis.docx attached to 3.27.StaticAnalysis by ecoughlan
static code analysis .docx format
11:55 Static Code Analysis.pdf attached to 3.27.StaticAnalysis by ecoughlan
static code analysis .pdf format
11:48 Changeset [317] by ecoughlan
Fixed whitespace error
04:32 test_plans.tex attached to 3.27.Test by jelinson
04:32 test_plans.pdf attached to 3.27.Test by jelinson
04:31 Changeset [316] by jelinson
fixed dead link
04:28 Changeset [315] by jelinson
changed name convention
04:26 coding_standards.pdf attached to 3.27.CodingStandard by jelinson
04:26 coding_standards.tex attached to 3.27.CodingStandard by jelinson
04:26 Changeset [314] by jelinson
added section on methods to code policy
04:15 Changeset [313] by jelinson
added black box test result for missing button
03:50 Changeset [312] by jelinson
rest of tex's aux files ignored
03:49 Changeset [311] by jelinson
changed ignore property
03:48 Changeset [310] by jelinson
changed ignore property
03:47 Changeset [309] by jelinson
finalized coding standards
02:54 Changeset [308] by jelinson
changed imports; updating standards
01:44 Changeset [307] by jelinson
renamed coding standards files
01:40 3.27.Code edited by jelinson
01:39 MostRecentRelease edited by jelinson
01:38 WikiStart edited by jelinson
01:37 WikiStart edited by jelinson
01:29 Changeset [306] by jelinson
reduced some line lengthds
01:23 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
01:22 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
01:16 blog edited by jelinson
01:16 blog edited by jelinson
01:15 pep8.3.26.oldSrc.txt attached to 3.27.StaticAnalysis by ecoughlan
01:15 pep8.3.26.newSrc.txt attached to 3.27.StaticAnalysis by ecoughlan
01:15 blog edited by jelinson
01:15 3.26.PNG attached to blog by jelinson
01:14 blog edited by jelinson
01:11 3.27.StaticAnalysis edited by ecoughlan
01:11 3.27.StaticAnalysis created by ecoughlan
01:10 WikiStart edited by jelinson
01:10 Mar26Email created by jelinson


23:52 3.27.APR created by mmorton
23:37 Changeset [305] by ecoughlan
23:33 Changeset [304] by ecoughlan
Forgot to fix the tests and scripts
23:03 Changeset [303] by ecoughlan
Final changes to get rid of even more errors
22:49 Changeset [302] by ecoughlan
More updates
22:43 Changeset [301] by ecoughlan
Removed some old debugging output
22:36 Changeset [300] by ecoughlan
Finished editing style in files
20:49 Changeset [299] by ecoughlan
Beginning changes for static analysis
20:06 3.27.Code created by ecoughlan
20:04 Changeset [298] by jelinson
moved script
19:51 Mar26Notes edited by mmorton
19:46 Ticket #129 (second main menu) closed by ecoughlan
19:46 Ticket #108 (prototype: text entry) closed by jelinson
worksforme: changed ticket to specific dialogue box
19:45 Ticket #114 (scene refactor) closed by rthomas
19:45 Ticket #69 (prototype: oof and oof + event) closed by ecoughlan
19:45 Ticket #99 (prototype:save) closed by jelinson
worksforme: functionality done, waiting for dialogue to be done to allow …
19:44 Ticket #133 (main menu opens behind map) closed by rthomas
19:44 Ticket #100 (prototype: load) closed by jelinson
worksforme: completed functionality, waiting until dialogue is implemented to save …
19:43 Ticket #143 (Scene Class) created by rthomas
create scene class to contain stills and re-implement intro scene
19:43 Ticket #142 (threshold in menus) created by jelinson
Perform check of what can and cannot be built/researched when menus …
19:43 Ticket #141 (back/close buttons) created by ecoughlan
Implement back and close buttons for the inGameMenu class
19:42 Ticket #140 (Tutorial) created by mmorton
We need to create a tutorial for the beginning of the game. This will …
19:42 Ticket #139 (Restore/close windows) created by jelinson
Add functionality that closes windows to a default state when the …
19:42 Ticket #138 (delete building) created by ecoughlan
Add back delete building function
19:41 Ticket #137 (Text: dialogue) created by jelinson
Add windows that allow for text input; incorporate into save/load
19:40 Ticket #89 (prototype: ui: eventCheck returns too soon) closed by mmorton
19:40 Ticket #88 (prototype: ui: add vs initialize windows) closed by mmorton
19:18 Ticket #134 (adding background to window) closed by rthomas
19:11 GoalStackMar26 edited by jelinson
19:06 GoalStackMar26 edited by jelinson
19:05 GoalStackMar26 edited by jelinson
17:41 Changeset [297] by ecoughlan
16:38 Changeset [296] by ecoughlan
Changed inGameMenu to meet coding standards
16:17 Changeset [295] by ecoughlan
Beginning to fix errors
14:23 JuliusWorklog edited by jelinson
14:17 WikiStart edited by jelinson
14:16 3.27.Test created by jelinson
14:15 3.27.CodingStandard created by jelinson
14:15 WikiStart edited by jelinson
14:13 GoalStackMar26 created by jelinson
14:12 Mar26Notes created by jelinson
14:12 WikiStart edited by jelinson
13:40 Changeset [294] by jelinson
added directory and first run for pep analysis
13:38 Changeset [293] by jelinson
00:13 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan


22:29 Changeset [292] by rthomas
docstrings and save/load
20:36 Changeset [291] by rthomas
undoTurn implemented
20:29 Ticket #128 (building data files) closed by rthomas
20:29 Ticket #118 (change map arrows) closed by rthomas
20:28 Ticket #136 (stats go negative) created by rthomas
money and material can go below 0
20:27 Changeset [290] by rthomas
update map/block and update stats/statusBar
17:57 Changeset [289] by jelinson
added basic save/load back in, moved saves dir
11:09 Changeset [288] by jelinson
added window title
11:05 Changeset [287] by mmorton
added buildMenu.py and buildMenuEntry.py
01:51 Changeset [286] by mmorton
build works, map is not implemented
01:23 Ticket #135 (bug: detailed description overlapping) created by ecoughlan
The detailed description windows overlap when they are open, but close …
00:55 Changeset [285] by mmorton
build menus working in full, build button broken
00:21 Changeset [284] by mmorton


22:02 Changeset [283] by jelinson
fixed bug in statusBar
22:01 Changeset [282] by mmorton
21:55 Changeset [281] by mmorton
21:53 Changeset [280] by mmorton
21:48 Changeset [279] by mmorton
21:46 Changeset [278] by jelinson
changed main's imports
21:43 Changeset [277] by jelinson
changed how building data is loaded
21:43 Changeset [276] by mmorton
21:33 Changeset [275] by rthomas
started working on stats
21:13 Changeset [274] by mmorton
Made it look prettier
21:12 Changeset [273] by mmorton
21:07 Changeset [272] by jelinson
21:04 Changeset [271] by mmorton
21:03 Changeset [270] by mmorton
21:01 Changeset [269] by mmorton
added research descriptions for transport and material
20:46 Changeset [268] by mmorton
got research description to load buttons
20:42 Changeset [267] by jelinson
changed building filetype
20:13 Changeset [266] by rthomas
working on research descriptions
19:41 Changeset [265] by mmorton
Few more small changes
19:38 Changeset [264] by mmorton
Making screen look better
19:10 Changeset [263] by mmorton
Fixed main menu
17:09 ErinWorklog edited by ecoughlan
16:37 Changeset [262] by rthomas
made buildables into a script that saves building data files
14:41 Changeset [261] by rthomas
main menu structure
14:40 Ticket #134 (adding background to window) created by rthomas
I want to add a background to the main menu but don't want to add it …
14:38 Ticket #133 (main menu opens behind map) created by rthomas
for some reason the main menu occasionally opens behind the map. I …
06:38 Changeset [260] by jelinson
added test directory and files
06:28 Changeset [259] by mmorton
06:16 Changeset [258] by mmorton
05:57 Changeset [257] by mmorton
05:53 Changeset [256] by jelinson
added arrow directory and files
05:46 Changeset [255] by jelinson
tweaks to test plans and log
05:31 Changeset [254] by jelinson
added policy files
05:30 Changeset [253] by jelinson
coding policy and test
04:42 Changeset [252] by ecoughlan
Added ResearchStats?
04:20 Changeset [251] by ecoughlan
Fixed stats problem
04:18 Changeset [250] by ecoughlan
Stats done
04:06 Changeset [249] by ecoughlan
Added buildingDescription, researchDescription, and DetailedDescription?
04:02 Changeset [248] by mmorton
03:40 Changeset [247] by ecoughlan
Added stats and statusBar
03:33 Changeset [246] by ecoughlan
Fixed Spinner and LeftRight?
03:28 Changeset [245] by ecoughlan
Map and components done
03:21 Changeset [244] by mmorton
03:02 Changeset [243] by mmorton
03:02 Changeset [242] by ecoughlan
Added block and mapButton
02:26 Changeset [241] by ecoughlan
Added dialogue and leftRight
02:00 Changeset [240] by mmorton
01:58 Changeset [239] by ecoughlan
01:43 Changeset [238] by mmorton
01:39 Changeset [237] by mmorton
01:20 Changeset [236] by ecoughlan
Oops, window is capital
01:15 Changeset [235] by ecoughlan
01:05 Changeset [234] by mmorton
00:55 Changeset [233] by mmorton
00:53 Changeset [232] by mmorton
00:35 Changeset [231] by ecoughlan
Added background, mainMenu, map, and still
00:34 Changeset [230] by mmorton
finished window hopefully…
00:28 Changeset [229] by mmorton
Window class finished*. *subject to various terms and conditions. Not …
00:03 Changeset [228] by ecoughlan
Added alert and InGameMenu? subclasses
00:03 Changeset [227] by mmorton
modded window
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