Assessment of Previous Week ==

Goals: We still do not have Windows installed on the second computer because we don't have the password. Besides this, all of our goals were met, and we got more done of the prototype than expected.
Missed deadlines: None
Time estimates: The UI took almost the same, if not a little less than expected. Tests took less than expected. The prototype took less than expected, so we got more done.
Project progress: We still need to start the map. We have received helpful feedback, but it did not change our
Team progress: We are still bonding over long Saturdays, which is working well.

Goal Update ==

Updated goal stack: Goal Stack
New deliverables: Final UI design, test plans and review all need to get done for next week.
Risks: Map has not been started. We really need to get this done soon.
Description of goals: We want to have an initial map design at the end of the week.
Time estimates: 9 hours for prototype, 4 hours test plan, 1 hour package,

Plan ==

Plan for the week: Our plan for this week's prototype is initial map design. We will decide when to meet on Wednesday to figure our
Team member assignments and deadlines: Julius will make the executable for this week's prototype and email Greg Orr. We all want to review the rubrics before assigning jobs for next week.
Tickets issued?: Yes, breaking them up into smaller pieces although not assigned them yet.
Systemic problems with project or team: Becca is helping her aunt move, so no Saturday work time this week.

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