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     1== Assessment of Previous Week == [[BR]]
     2Goals: Our primary goals were to test our UI design, and to implement the map class in our game. Both of these were completed. We received excellent feedback from the tests and our map class works, although it precipitated some shifts in our game design.[[BR]]
     3Missed deadlines: None.[[BR]]
     4Time estimates: UI tests were cumbersome and took longer than expected. The prototype took longer than  [[BR]]
     5Project progress: Our project is progressing nicely, although we realize that we have a lot of little things to clean up before we have a completed game. However, most of our framework is in place and we feel that we can complete our project as desired. [[BR]]
     6Team progress: Our team works well together and we all enjoy our project. Especially when we don't have to work on Saturday afternoon. Other than that, our team is bonding well and we plan to bond even more in the near future.[[BR]]
     8== Goal Update == [[BR]]
     9Updated goal stack: [wiki:GoalStackFeb27 Goal Stack][[BR]]
     10New deliverables: Our Alpha executable, Alpha documentation, and Alpha presentation are all due this week.  [[BR]]
     11Risks: We are not certain that we will have enough time to implement everything that we wanted to for the Alpha. However, this is not a huge risk, as what we wanted to implement encompassed nearly our entire game. Another risk is that we plan on finalizing all of our artwork, however, we have not decided on the exact look of many portions of our project and we only have a small amount of art already in place. We are addressing this by recognizing that much of our work this week will be spent on this, and we have assignments due as early as Wednesday. Our final major risk is found in the feasibility of testing many of our functions. There are occurrences where we have a high degree of coupling, and testing in these instances will be extremely difficult. We don't see this as being a major risk, however, as we think everything is still testable despite the difficulty involved.[[BR]]
     12Description of goals: Our first four goals are fairly self-explanatory, as these are deliverable that are due this week. Drawing the aliens is a fairly difficult problem, as we have not decided for certain what they will look like, but we have several concepts. Our other interesting goals is deciding on the stats for each object to balance the game, and to get artwork for our alpha.[[BR]]
     13Time estimates: 12 hours for executable, 2 hours for documentation and 4 hours for presentation.[[BR]]
     15== Plan == [[BR]]
     16Plan for the week: We will meet on Wednesday to assign our work for the week.[[BR]]
     17Team member assignments and deadlines: Before Wednesday, we will each find a background that can be used for our game. Julius will find images for Transportation. The rest of us will find images for the other two categories. They should all be .png's.[[BR]]
     18Tickets issued?: Yes.[[BR]]
     19Systemic problems with project or team: We have no systemic problems in either our project or our team.[[BR]]