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Assessment of Previous Week ==

Goals: Followed up with Greg Orr but have still have not heard back. All other goals were completed without any problems.
Missed deadlines: None.
Time estimates: We underestimated the time required for the proposal but overestimated the time for the prototype.
Project progress: Work on the prototype has progressed well and allowed us to work out many of the risks with the handling of user input and switching between states. Additionally, we worked on displaying images on the screen. We are still waiting to hear from Greg Orr which means we have not received any feedback.
Team progress: The team is doing a good job working together. We spend several hours on saturday working on the prototype and

Goal Update ==

Updated goal stack: Goal Stack?
New deliverables: Weekly prototype/code, Architectural Design, Architectural Design Package
Risks: We are still working on learning our way around eclipse so coding can be a bit slow. We have not heard from Greg Orr and there is going to be a delay on receiving feedback on the game treatment. This is a big risk because the work we are doing could be different from what the customer is looking for.
Description of goals: Our goals for the future are to make contact with Greg Orr to get feedback on the previous deliverables, continue producing deliverables on time, and address further risks with the user interface and back-end data. We also plan to extend the prototype framework to display the menu options.
Time estimates:

Plan ==

Plan for the week:
Team member assignments and deadlines:
Tickets issued?:
Systemic problems with project or team: