Assessment of Previous Week ==

Goals: We completely changed our goals for this week. We decided that pieces of the current architecture were not well thought out. So we decided to completely overhaul all of our code in one or two long sessions over the weekend. Thus, our goals were that the functionality from the previous week would still be in place, but the framework for our project would be much cleaner, and much easier to extend.

Specific time estimates: Our specific time estimates did not meet our actuals, but this is mostly because we adjusted our goals for the week completely. The overhaul on the architecture took approximately as long as we had been expecting.

Project progress: We made a huge amount of progress this week. Although we extended the project very little, we made the framework much more reliable and very extendable. It should allow for the rest of the game to be implemented much more easily.

Team progress: Our team continues to bond well. Twelve hours coding together in a night will do that.

Goal Update ==

Updated goal stack, prioritized to reflect risks: Goal Stack

New deliverables: The code walkthrough will be due in class next Tuesday.

Risks: Our biggest risk is that with our newly rewritten framework may not be as stable as we hope. Specifically, we wrote our GUI, and did testing, but then the rest of our classes used this framework. But all of this was written over the weekend, so the stability of the code isn't guaranteed. So it is possible there are bugs that we missed which could cause some large problems. Furthermore, because of our redesign, several of our currently existing tests have become outdated. These will need to be rewritten to accommodate our new code. We also recognize that we spent a lot of time working this weekend, and we don't foresee being able to spend that much time on the project in the upcoming weeks. Thus, we are not sure that we will have time to complete all of our goals. We are also not sure that we can work all of the features that we had planned into the game, and we've been struggling with getting the graphics of our game to an acceptable level.

Description of goals: This week, one goal we have is to finish implementing all of the functionality that we had in our program before this week. On top of that, we also want to add a restore function for the background, write new tests specific to this framework, and add a tutorial. We also plan to add dynamic threshold checking in menus, a specific dialogue class, generalized back/close buttons, delete building functionality, displaying research values, and a scene class.

Specific time estimates: Restore function(.5 hours). New tests(2 hours). Tutorial(4 hours). Dynamic threshold checking in menus(2 hours). Dialogue class(1-2 hours). Back/close buttons(.5 hours). Delete building(.5 hours). Displaying research values(1 hour). Scene class(2 hours).

Plan ==

Plan for the week: Julius and Michael have meetings all day Friday and Saturday, so we plan to meet Tuesday to divvy up all of our goals for this week to be worked on individually.

Team member assignments and deadlines: Julius will do the dialog and restore classes. Rebecca will do scene. Erin will do delete building and the back and close buttons. Michael will start on the tutorial. We will meet Tuesday after class to divvy up the rest.

Tickets issued?: Yes.

Systemic problems with project or team: None at all.

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