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Assessment of Previous Week ==

Goals: We addressed the majority of our goals. However, for most of the feature goals, there are lingering bits to polish and complete, but we consider that acceptable. In particular, we accomplished creating the following additions to the prototype: framework and content in place for tutorial (a few bugs remaining), created dynamic text for descriptions of research options, stat analysis and state analysis (though not filled in with actual heuristics, just the supporting architecture), added landmark features for the different map landscapes to specify coordinates for buildings and aliens, added aliens to the map that respond to user clicks and lastly we designed the GameData class to automatically queue and play scenes when triggered. One of the outstanding goals that was not addressed was adding the ability to earn additional spaces (i.e. blocks) as transportation items are built.

Missed deadlines: While we produced all deliverables in a timely fashion, as stated above, we missed our own deadline of adding support for additional space in response to certain user choices. However, to compensate for this, which was an intentional choice, we added landmark data and aliens to the maps, which were initially not prioritized for this past week. We are confident that even though we have not added this feature yet, it simplicity will permit us to add it without much difficulty before the Beta is due.

Specific time estimates: In general, completing our goals took less time than expected. In particular, the following implementations were quick than anticipated: adding aliens to the map, adding landmarking data associated with each landscape, and enabling scenes to be queued and automatically triggered, dynamically determining text to indicate the next research threshold. Performing spec analysis and creating the accompanying dynamic text took the expected amount of time. The stat analysis took longer than expected. What we learn from this is that in general the appearance and front-end aspects generally go quick than expected, while adding enhancements to the game logic can take longer.

Project progress: While we feel we continue to make strides in our development, we inherently feel behind schedule due to the time crunch. While we have stuck to our goals (for the most part) each week, we still have a number of features to complete this week and we strongly feel the impending feature freeze pressuring our development. Nevertheless, we are very happy with the continuously improving gameplay, appearance and sophistication of our game.

Team progress: As usual, we continue to work well together. While we've been doing generally less development all together than previously, we still do a good amount and have simply resorted to using additional time during the week to work on our own. Everyone continues to be dedicated and invested in the development.

Goal Update ==

Updated goal stack, prioritized to reflect risks: Goal Stack

New deliverables: Next week the Beta is due! This means all feature must be complete by then. In addition, we must put together our Beta documentation. This will mean both polishing the documentation in the code and producing a comprehensive document to accompany the executable. While the installation guide and user guide will be nearly identical to that of the alpha, we will have to update our UML documents to reflect the current architecture of our prototype, which has changed drastically since the alpha release. In addition, we will strive to complete as many tests as possible, while documenting them as usual. These tests will include complete system tests by playing through the game in its entirety.

Risks: time-constraints, polishing tutorial, splitting up work between development and administrative stuff, fun and education in last features we add

Description of goals: utilize state analyzer to implement win and lose sequences, polish the tutorial to make it presentable, add a main character to the story and gameplay, beta documentation, hover events

Specific time estimates: tutorial - 3, character - 3, beta documentation - 2, hover events - 1

Plan ==

Plan for the week: work session Friday night, work throughout week independently, aim for feature freeze 10 pm Sunday

Team member assignments and deadlines: julius state stuff by Friday, tutorial by Friday by erin, michael will do hover for friday,

Tickets issued?: Yes

Systemic problems with project or team: None