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Assessment of Previous Week ==

Goals: At the beginning of last week, we decided that we wanted to create a new layout of the game. Because of this, we put off some features we originally planned on doing, such as restoring the background and the tutorial because they would be layout dependent. Because of this, we changed our goals to begin a new layout, create specific save/load features, more advanced thresholding, re-implement basic scenes, create ghost buildings of things that will be built, and delete buildings.

Missed deadlines: Of our new goals, we got everything done. In fact, we got further on the new layout, which looks really cool and will allow next week's coding to be smoother. The goals that we did not do last week, such as the tutorial will be done as part of this week's prototype.

Specific time estimates: Delete buildings took a lot longer than expected due to unforeseen bugs in the updates in map; save/load as expected; basic scenes as expected; thresholding less time than expected; less time for layout; about right for ghost buildings

Project progress: We are happy with the new layout of the game and are excited to add to it.

Team progress: Our team is working well together and making good progress, even though we were not able to meet together as much this week because of the proctorly duties of half our team.

Goal Update ==

Updated goal stack, prioritized to reflect risks: Goal Stack

New deliverables: None

Risks: One of our main risks is still the amount of time we have to complete the project before the feature freeze in two weeks. In order to address this, we prioritized all the features we could think of by which ones we definitely need and which ones, if necessary, can be done without. While we hope to be able to get everything we planned done, this will help us to keep in mind the upcoming deadlines. We also still need to implement to tutorial which will tell the player how to play the game. Without this, our game would be too difficult to play and not fun. We have two ideas for a tutorial, one where an alien talks and explain the game and the other is more interactive. Because of these options, we will be able to create a tutorial either way. We will begin to work on the simpler tutorial so as to allow us to work on other features more.

Description of goals: This week we want to finish the new layout, which involves finishing the menu and descriptions. Then, we will create a tutorial, implement more scenes, add blocks for transportation, and create a restore function for the background and all associated functions. We also want to add aliens on the map, which is necessary before we can create interactions with them. In addition, we want to continue adding new tests even though our design have become feature oriented. Furthermore, we need to add more flexibility to the game logic such as dynamic text.

Specific time estimates: Finishing layout(3-4 hours), tutorial(2 hours), more scenes and knowing when to play them(2 hours), restore(1.0 hours), adding aliens(1.0 hour), back/close(0.5 hours), dynamic text, such as detailed descriptions of stats, what research unlocks, stats for buildings, and information for locked buildings. (2.0 hours)

Plan ==

Plan for the week: We will be consciously working on both the game features and appearances. We plan on separating the work based on appearance and game features. We do not plan on meeting again, but rather just have work sessions throughout the week and work on features that we want to get done. Our first deadline is on Friday before our weekly coding session. By this time, we want to have finished the layout, stats for buildings, dynamic text for stats and researching, and a new format for scenes when state tells top what scenes to play. We will meet later in the week to discuss and assign parts of the walkthrough after we get a better idea of what is needed for this.

Team member assignments and deadlines: Julius will work on flagging when to play certain scenes and dynamic text for stats bars. Michael will work on the new layout. Becca will work on the stat bars for buildings. Erin will work on the dynamic text for research menus. All of these should be completed by Friday night before our work session.

Tickets issued?: Yes.

Systemic problems with project or team: None.