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Assessment of Previous Week ==

Goals: Last week, we wanted to begin a new layout, create specific save/load features, more advanced thresholding, re-implement basic scenes, create ghost buildings of things that will be built, and delete buildings.

Missed deadlines: None. In fact, we got further on the new layout, which looks really cool and will next week's coding smoother.

Specific time estimates: Delete buildings took a lot longer than expected;

Project progress: We are happy with the new layout of the game and are excited to add to it.

Team progress:

Goal Update ==

Updated goal stack, prioritized to reflect risks: Goal Stack

New deliverables:


Description of goals: This week we want to finish the new layout, create a tutorial, implement more scenes, and add aliens on the map.

Specific time estimates:

Plan ==

Plan for the week:

Team member assignments and deadlines:

Tickets issued?:

Systemic problems with project or team: