Date & Time: April 9, 2012
Location: Sprague, 2nd Floor
Members Present: Michael, Julius, Erin, Rebecca
Members Absent: none
Scribe: Julius

  • discussed whether it is prudent to include both continuous and one time specs for buildings and which to display where
  • will ask Greg about merits of having both; also will ask about whether to display stats for a building as numbers, stats bars or both
  • want to clarify what is expected of Beta documentation; will ask in class tomorrow, especially about updating UML diagrams to reflect current prototype
  • discussed goals and plan for the week, as described in full in the assessment report
  • decided we valued development over documentation for this week
  • holding off on layout finalizing until after feature freeze, prioritizing incomplete/absent features now, given that aesthetics can be modified after feature freeze
  • made assignments for the week, as described in full in the assessment report
  • after enumerating the remaining features we want to include for the Beta, we created preliminary list of the things that need to be done by the code freeze (docstrings, refactoring, revisit naming conventions, removing dimension values to designated dim files, etc)
  • set task assignments due before we meet together to work Friday evening, at which point we will all check in about the game's progress and plan for the weekend accordingly
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