Dear Mr. Orr,

Our time is winding down! Tomorrow (Tuesday) our Beta release is due and we are very pleased with our progress and we hope you will be too. What this means is that while we cannot add features directly (we have what's called a feature freeze), we can add buildings, change art, change the "scenes" and add events that occur in between turns.

With that in mind, we are very curious if you have any input on certain technologies that we should definitely include. Similarly, are there any events you would recommend including. Some ideas we have things like a nuclear meltdown if the player builds too many nuclear plants, reduced food supply from invasive species if there is too much transportation, etc. Your input on these matters would be invaluable.

Regarding our artwork, do you have a sense if the students would enjoy more cartoonist graphics or graphics that attempt to appear more realistic. We are currently debating over our building and landscape images -- certainly at the moment they don't match very well and we're trying to decide which style would be best.

We're eager to hear what you and your students have to say about our game. We've put in a lot of hours and we hope it shows. Please feel free to let us know if you find any weird quirks or bugs, either while playing or just in setting up the game.

Again, as the weeks wind down, any and all feedback is incredibly appreciated so that we may tailor the game to your and your students' liking.


Julius Elinson & MI-Tech Team

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