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This document outlines the premise of our game, the goals it hopes to accomplish, the architectural design we will use, and a critique of our design structure including the rationale behind our choices.

Game Premise

The problem this game seeks to address is the uninformed position many individuals of the current generation have in regards to the effects of technology. To solve this problem, the proposed game, TechTrek, seeks to educate its users on the impact of various forms of technology in a fun and engaging manner. In TechTrek, the player takes the role of an explorer who crashes on an alien planet, much like Earth, and must introduce technology to the natives so that they can help to repair the spaceship, at which point the player can fly home. At the start of each turn the user will be given a choice whether to build or invest in types of power, transportation or mining. The player will need to balance several stats, such as pollution, energy consumption, and habitat loss due to space use, while furthering the planet’s technology. Thus the player is awarded total control, but they must make careful choices, so that their actions do not lead to the decline of the planet. Some risks associated with this proposed game include keeping the scope of the game manageable, producing necessary artwork, and handling user input in an elegant manner. If these risks can be addressed through careful planning, TechTrek will serve as a fun and engaging tool for learning about technology and the impacts it has on society.

Splitting Up Reading

All: Introduction + Game Premise
Student A: Models + domain diagram
Student B: Use cases + class diagram
Student C: Use cases + Sequence diagrams
Student D: Use cases + Models
All: Rationale / Critique

Note: For groups of only three students, just ignore Student D.

Additional Information

Additional information can be found on our trac page

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