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  • Introduction
  • Agenda for the review
  • Directions for splitting up work
  • Additional Resources


This document outlines the proposed review plan for our code. Attached are our revised coding standards and the code can be found under the Browse Source tab.

Agenda for the review

Each member will read the coding standards and review their respective materials, as specified below, and then discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the portions they examined.


Team Member 1: Review the source code for state, gameData, spec, building, top, buildingStats, stateAnalysis, specAnalysis, heuristic, and event. This team member should also build the game as specified in the README file.
Team Member 2: Review the source code for window, scene, still, mainMenu, mainMenuButton, tutorial, tutorialButton, blank, map, block, mapBuilding, mapButton, blockData, and alien.
Team Member 3: Review the source code for window, researchMenu, researchMenuEntry, researchDescription, inGameMenu, info, buildMenu, buildMenuEntry, buildDescription, detailedDescription, menuPage, menuEntry, and loadPage.
Team Member 4: Review the test log and tests in the tests directory.

Note: if the team has only 3 members, team member 4 is not necessary.
Note: source code and other additional documents are linked below.

Coding Standards

Attached below is the pdf file containing the coding standards.

Additional Resources

Attached is the final documentation containing class diagrams and domain diagrams.

Source Code

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