Date & Time: Tues Jan. 24 3:15 PM
Location: Google+ hangout
Members Present: Michael, Julius, Erin, Rebecca
Members Absent: none
Scribe: Rebecca

  • Introduced ourselves
  • Greg Orr is looking for the email Julius sent with the prep materials
  • Heidi Ellis is connected having some trouble with audio but the chat feature is working and she can hear us
  • We lost Greg but he called back on the phone
  • Greg was able to open the pdf of the presentation
  • Sent Greg a new invite for the hangout.
  • Got Greg back on google+
  • Julius introduces premise of the game going over the presentation slides.
  • Greg wants something more specific.
  • Likes the framework but has some concerns about the technology that the players can introduce.
  • Things the students have already begun to learn about
    • pollution
    • invasive species
    • habitat loss
  • Would be able to understand the impact of technology based on these impacts better than some other impacts.
  • Ex: shipping and the introduction of invasive species, and building reducing the presence of endangered habitats
  • Suggested status bars with increasing invasive species, pollution, habitat loss
  • Doesn't completely want to limit to environmental concerns
  • Hardware issues trying to get netbooks for the classroom but currently have limited windows XP computer access
  • Suggests talking to Z about the computer specs
  • Typical class length = ??
  • Will spend 15-20 minutes looking at game treatment, 20-30 mins for alpha and beta
  • savable would be nice but tech situation might limit this ability
  • science like chemistry not as important as overall impact
  • building spaceship would require space different methods of building it might have different impacts on pollution
  • choosing between two options allows them to have concrete choice
  • running out of time
  • will send further questions by email and possibly use hangout again later
  • What is the average reading level? What are some names of books that the students have recently read (in order to gauge the level of vocabulary and reading skills)?
    • "oh MY!!!"-heidi inner-city kids so usually low. Don't want to dumb it down just keep the blurbs short. Can help with vocabulary but not 500 words.
    • 2nd - 6th grade
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