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Erin's Worklog

Date Time Spent Description of Work Additional Notes
Jan. 20 0.5 hours Reviewed all requirements and deadlines for project
Jan. 20 2.5 hours Met with team to discuss overall game design concepts; delegated tasks Notes
Jan. 20 0.5 hours Played and analyzed the game Village Defense for competitive analysis
Jan. 21 0.5 hours Finished written portion of Village Defense analysis
Jan. 21 2.5 hours Compiled and wrote first draft of competitive analysis
Jan. 23 1.0 hours Met with team to discuss progress of deliverables and future assignments Notes
Jan. 23 0.5 hours Wrote Assessment/Planning? Report due Jan. 24
Jan. 23 0.5 hours Reviewed and Finalized Competitive Analysis
Jan. 24 1.0 hours Started work on Game Treatment
Jan. 24 2.0 hours Met with team to discuss overall game logistics and technologies Notes
Jan. 26 1.0 hours Outlined basic concepts/playing of the game and technology choices
Jan. 27 2.0 hours Met with team to discuss use cases and technology choices Notes
Jan. 27 1.0 hours Revised Game Treatment; Drew better logo
Jan. 28 0.5 hours Wrote Tutorial/First? Turn and Update Stats use cases
Jan. 30 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting; updated goal stack; went over next week's assignment Notes
Jan. 30 2.5 hours Reviewed/ Edited deliverables; added to proposal Google doc
Jan. 31 2.0 hours Met with team to finish outlining basic class structures
Feb. 02 2.0 hours Wrote first draft of the Game Design portion of the Proposal
Feb. 04 5.0 hours Worked on prototype for Tuesday Feb. 07
Feb. 06 1.0 hours Edited the proposal; reviewed Phase II deliverables
Feb. 06 1.0 hours Met with team to discuss previous week progress/ next week goals Notes
Feb. 06 1.0 hours Wrote written portion of the prototype for Feb. 07
Feb. 08 1.0 hours Worked on Architecture: Models/ Algorithms/ Data Structures
Feb. 11 5.0 hours Created menu for prototype; worked on architecture