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Erin's Worklog

Date Time Spent Description of Work Additional Notes
Jan. 20 0.5 hours Reviewed all requirements and deadlines for project
Jan. 20 2.5 hours Met with team to discuss overall game design concepts; delegated tasks Notes
Jan. 20 0.5 hours Played and analyzed the game Village Defense for competitive analysis
Jan. 21 0.5 hours Finished written portion of Village Defense analysis
Jan. 21 2.5 hours Compiled and wrote first draft of competitive analysis
Jan. 23 1.0 hours Met with team to discuss progress of deliverables and future assignments Notes
Jan. 23 0.5 hours Wrote Assessment/Planning? Report due Jan. 24
Jan. 23 0.5 hours Reviewed and Finalized Competitive Analysis
Jan. 24 1.0 hours Started work on Game Treatment
Jan. 24 2.0 hours Met with team to discuss overall game logistics and technologies Notes
Jan. 26 1.0 hours Outlined basic concepts/playing of the game and technology choices
Jan. 27 2.0 hours Met with team to discuss use cases and technology choices Notes
Jan. 27 1.0 hours Revised Game Treatment; Drew better logo
Jan. 28 0.5 hours Wrote Tutorial/First? Turn and Update Stats use cases
Jan. 30 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting; updated goal stack; went over next week's assignment Notes
Jan. 30 2.5 hours Reviewed/ Edited deliverables; added to proposal Google doc
Jan. 31 2.0 hours Met with team to finish outlining basic class structures
Feb. 02 2.0 hours Wrote first draft of the Game Design portion of the Proposal
Feb. 04 5.0 hours Worked on prototype for Tuesday Feb. 07
Feb. 06 1.0 hours Edited the proposal; reviewed Phase II deliverables
Feb. 06 1.0 hours Met with team to discuss previous week progress/ next week goals Notes
Feb. 06 1.0 hours Wrote written portion of the prototype for Feb. 07
Feb. 08 1.0 hours Worked on Architecture: Models/ Algorithms/ Data Structures
Feb. 11 5.0 hours Created menu for prototype; worked on architecture
Feb. 13 1.0 hours Worked on prototype; toggling between menus, looping through entries
Feb. 13 1.5 hours Weekly team meeting; wrote write-up for prototype Notes
Feb. 15 1.0 hours Team Meeting to determine prototype/UI format and week plans
Feb. 15 2.0 hours UI online app (mockup builder); designed sample UI
Feb. 17 1.5 hours Team meeting to discuss splitting up UI class; how to interpret responses
Feb. 17 1.0 hours UI app (ForeUI); designed sample UI
Feb. 18 7.0 hours UI design; used ForeUI for designs
Feb. 19 1.5 hours Wrote Task Analysis
Feb. 20 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting Notes
Feb. 24 2.0 hours User tests
Feb. 24 2.0 hours Displaying stats on the prototype; created one window for buttons
Feb. 24 3.5 hours Finalized UI; outlined tests
Feb. 25 3.0 hours Finished tests for given methods
Feb. 27 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting Notes
Feb. 27 0.5 hours Revised test plans
Feb. 28 1.0 hours Implemented text wrapping
Feb. 29 1.0 hours Found background pictures; wrote descriptions
Feb. 29 4.0 hours Alert class; main menu and undo; text wrapping fixes
Mar. 01 3.5 hours Main menu; play game; resume; added buildings
Mar. 02 7.0 hours Background; win sequences; fixed image collisions; research; spinner
Mar. 03 1.0 hours Centering text in the x direction
Mar. 03 4.0 hours Docstrings; comments; edited documentation
Mar. 05 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting; compiled alpha Notes
Mar. 17 3.0 hours Refactored creating buttons into its own class for main types
Mar. 17 2.0 hours Fixed bug with button IDs; delete building option/button
Mar. 18 1.5 hours Meeting about presentation; screen shots
Mar. 18 2.0 hours Meeting/group practice session for presentation
Mar. 18 2.0 hours View research values; practiced presentation
Mar. 19 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting; practiced presentation as group Notes
Mar. 21 1.0 hours Meeting about plans for rest of project; prototype
Mar. 22 1.5 hours Added building descriptions; thresholds
Mar. 23 3.0 hours Discussing new way to organize program
Mar. 23 8.0 hours Major revising for back-end of code and GUI
Mar. 24 8.0 hours More revisions
Mar. 26 2.0 hours Write up for static code analysis
Mar. 26 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting Notes
Mar. 26 4.0 hours Revised code based on static code tests; finished write-up
Mar. 27 1.0 hours Met to discuss new layout, tutorial, and goals
Mar. 29 5.0 hours Delete button; Ghost images on map
Mar. 31 6.0 hours Fixed scene and map bugs; began implementing new layout
Apr. 02 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting Notes
Apr. 02 2.0 hours Completed weekly planning report; tests for save/load
Apr. 06 3.5 hours Organized research menus like build menu; unlocking text
Apr. 06 6.0 hours Finished moving to new layout
Apr. 07 4.0 hours Implemented tutorial
Apr. 09 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting Notes
Apr. 09 1.0 hours General black box test
Apr. 13 2.0 hours Dynamic text and arrow for tutorial
Apr. 13 6.5 hours Undo, end turn, and block space alerts; updated thresholds; fixed spinner
Apr. 15 3.0 hours Added docstrings and removed unnecessary parts from half of files
Apr. 16 1.0 hours Weekly team meeting Notes