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     1Date & Time: February 13, 7:00pm[[BR]]
     2Location: 2nd floor Sprague[[BR]]
     3Members Present: Michael, Julius, Erin, Rebecca[[BR]]
     4Members Absent: none[[BR]]
     5Scribe: Michael[[BR]]
     7   *  Discussed how to allot the remaining work on the design architecture.
     8   *  Decided to create as a wiki document, with links to preexisting pieces of the architecture.
     9   *  Discussed what needed to be done for the next stage of our prototype.
     10   *  We decided we need to work on the map portion of our game.
     11   *  We decided whoever will be doing the UI testing will not be too involved in the prototype work, so that they won't be overloaded with work.
     12   *  We need to figure out how to compile the game into an executable.
     13   *  How to split up the work for our architecture review is rather challenging, especially considering that we must know how to split it up for three people as well as for four people.
     14   * All: Introduction
     15   * Student A: Models + domain diagram
     16   * Student B: Use cases + class diagram
     17   * Student C: Use cases + Sequence diagrams
     18   * Student D: Use cases + Models
     19   * All: Rational/ Critique
     20   * Note: For groups of only three students, just ignore Student D.