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Date & Time: Feb. 20 7:00
Location: 2nd Floor Sprague
Members Present: Michael, Julius, Erin, Rebecca
Members Absent: none
Scribe: Erin

  • Update tickets and worklogs - Michael already did this
  • Julius updated the Goal Stack
  • Michael still has to make the bio
  • Next week prototype needs to have an initial map
  • The map is our biggest risk in the project currently
  • We are going to take a team pictures!
  • Our time estimates were accurate or took less time
    • We are pretty awesome, and did more than planned on the prototype
  • Becca has to help her Aunt move, so she won't be around on Saturday :(
  • Julius will email Greg Orr and create the executable
  • We all need to review what goes into next week's deliverables before assigning jobs
  • The two future proctors are really cool, and are going to Macaroni grill