Date & Time: Feb. 27 7:00
Location: 2nd Floor Sprague
Members Present: Michael, Julius, Erin, Rebecca
Members Absent: none
Scribe: Michael

  • Michael will make prototype writeup.
  • Julius will upload and compile prototype.
  • Julius will make the test review page.
  • Erin can email Greg Orr and Rebecca will update blog.
  • We need to ask about the specific vocabulary that can be used in our game.
  • There is a man walking circles around us.
  • We need to compile art for the alpha.
  • We'll meet Wednesday 7-9ish to delegate and plan out the week.
  • What do we need to get done for the alpha?
  • Research will not be implemented.
  • Intro will be done.
  • We must add all of our buildings to the buildables file.
  • We need to finish the scene class, enhance the map, and finish the artwork.
  • Everyone should find some landscape for our map before Wednesday.
  • We also need building artwork.
  • Julius will do transportation, the rest of us will work on the other two categories.
  • All our images will be .png's.
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