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Julius' Personal Work Log

Date Approx. Hrs Description of Work
1/20/12 0.5 Reviewed project documentation, description of deliverables and rubrics
1/20/12 2.5 Team meeting: discussed game concept and goals, delegated tasks
1/20/12 1.0 Completed competitive analysis of Virtual City Playground
1/21/12 3.0 Completed draft of elicitation presentation, questions and requirements
1/23/12 1.0 Team meeting: discussed previous week, made plans and goals for upcoming week, delegated next tasks
1/23/12 1.0 Proofread and provided feedback for teammates' work; revised and finalized elicitation prep materials
1/24/12 1.5 Group meeting to debrief conference call; discussed game story paths, specific technologies to be available to user and how they will affect various stats and progress
1/24/12 1.0 Emailed Greg Orr list of questions and prioritized requirements; researched different game engines; installed and ran sample test on pygames
1/25/12 0.5 More testing using pygames to build simple programs
1/27/12 2.5 Team meeting finalizing game story and discussion of use cases
1/28/12 1.0 Reviewed and provided feedback on other teammates' deliverables
1/29/12 5.0 Technology assessment testing and write-up
1/30/12 1.0 Weekly team meeting
1/30/12 2.0 Completed tech assessment using teammate feedback; completed assessment report/management update; started game proposal
1/31/12 2.0 Team meeting; completed domain analysis and basic class structure
2/1/12 2.0 Completed lab 4; team meeting discussing plans for prototype and proposal
2/4/12 5.0 Worked on proposal, produced first draft; worked on prototype design
2/5/12 2.5 Compiled parts of proposal; created cohesive sections and transitions; revised some content to match rubric
2/5/12 3.0 Added concept art to prototype; designed ui/window interface and framework
2/6/12 0.5 Final tweaks to proposal
2/11/12 5.0 Created windowEntry object in prototype; worked on sequence diagram for turn use case
2/12/12 4.0 Small api improvements to prototype; completed sequence diagram for play game, build and update visuals use cases
2/12/12 1.5 Tweaks to prototype
2/13/12 2.0 Team meeting; created standalone executable for prototype
2/14/12 2.0 Added building and building specification classes; started dictionary for building look ups
2/16/12 2.0 Team meeting to discuss/debrief architecture review, discussed changes to data flow
2/16/12 1.5 Added description and analysis of feedback from architecture review for both changes made and not made
2/18/12 6.0 Designed the initial UI design in full
2/18/12 1.5 Modified architecture components; designed ui user test
2/20/12 1.0 Team weekly meeting; prepared and uploaded executable
2/22/12 1.5 Team meeting; discussed UI changes and redesigned map feature
2/23/12 2.0 Modifications to UI in preparation for user test; refactored prototype
2/24/12 5.0 User tests; finalized UI; planned and discussed tests
2/25/12 2.0 Test plans
2/27/12 2.0 Finalized test plans; rationale
2/27/12 1.0 Created test plan review package
2/28/12 2.0 Created pop-windows that appear when click on individual stats
2/29/12 2.0 Documentation for alpha release
3/1/12 2.0 Documentation, updated diagrams to reflect alpha release and refactoring
3/2/12 5.0 Documentation, refactoring and improved color display for stats
3/3/12 3.0 Finished documentation, refactoring, commenting
3/4/12 0.5 Proofread documentation
3/5/12 2.5 Team meeting; prepared and packaged alpha release; emailed Greg Orr; assessment planning report
3/10/12 2.5 Changed rectangle resizing, catches for initialization, started font crossover
3/17/12 1.5 Finished font changes
3/18/12 4.0 Prepared and practiced presentation
3/19/12 1.0 Team meeting
3/20/12 1.0 Team meeting
3/20/12 1.0 Implemented preliminary save and load features; researched text entry field
3/21/12 1.0 Team meeting
3/22/12 2.0 Coding policy, refactoring, initial tes suite design
3/23/12 2.0 Implemented white box, regression tests
3/23/12 11.0 Entirely redesigned prototype to use inheritance and a more intuitive gui backend design
3/24/12 6.0 Continued prototype redesign, linking menus and implementing Window subclasses
3/26/12 1.0 Team meeting
3/26/12 4.0 Testing log, plan changes, bug reporting; coding policy; email to Mr. Orr; blog update; posted prototype executable
3/27/12 2.0 Added dialogue form that allows for custom saves and loads; added some functionality to window class
3/28/12 1.0 Fixed save bug; fixed status bar bug
3/29/12 4.0 Debugged delete building; grayed/locking for menu entries
3/31/12 8.0 Dynamic main menu; changed Image interface; reorganized map and stats in new layout; made imports complaint with standards; started framework for dimension files
4/2/12 1.0 Team meeting
4/2/12 3.0 Fixed save/load bug; added scene test; email to Greg Orr; did weekly prototype report
4/4/12 2.0 Walkthrough prep; modified domain diagram
4/5/12 2.0 Queueing scenes; restore on game/menu windows
4/6/12 5.5 Designed intelligent stat information that informs user how to improve the stat based on current state; optimized font creation; created close button class
4/8/12 5.0 Modified main menu to collapse or expand based on current game state; added framework for analyzing state based off of heuristics and triggering events accordingly
4/9/12 1.0 Team meeting
4/9/12 2.0 Finished assessment report, emailed Greg Orr, created and uploaded executable, updated/issued tickets
4/10/12 1.0 Added test script for spec analysis