Features we would like to add before the Beta release:

  1. Load/save
  2. Fill in the actual content for the following categories of text: brief and detailed description of buildings, narration during the scene
  3. Add more building options
  4. Make the following text dynamic and context-specific: stat description, research description, on-map alien response
  5. Display building stats in detailed description and map pop-up
  6. Change the pop-up that appears on the map
  7. Refactor the way scene works
  8. Add scenes (stat-specific, building sequence)
  9. Aliens on the map that are interactive
  10. Change the left and right buttons on map
  11. Display queue of what a player has done in a given turn
  12. Map layout (specify where buildings belong per image, alien location)
  13. Possibly change map art (?)
  14. Back/close buttons on menus
  15. Gray-out building choices on menus depending on what is available to build
  16. Pages of building menus
  17. Add more complicated building thresholds
  18. Properly compute stats (using formulas for all categories)
  19. Move building data to files
  20. Main-menu specific to whether gave has started or not
  21. Game icon
  22. Different difficulty settings
  23. Tutorial

Code critique Michael & Julius: CodeCritiqueMJ
Erin & Rebecca: CodeCritiqueER

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