Date & Time: March 5 2012 7:00 PM
Location: Sprague 3rd Floor
Members Present: Michael, Julius, Erin, Rebecca
Members Absent: none
Scribe: Julius

  • Exceed goals - we're awesome; everything and more was completed for the alpha release
  • Alpha took a long time, perhaps longer than expected
  • Documentation was as expected
  • Project progress ahead of schedule in terms of development
  • We spend a lot of time together; some mild tensions that were jokingly played off :)
  • Updated goal stack
  • Will ask Greg Orr what his kids think of the blog -- possibly more
  • Will ask Z tomorrow about expectation for revising/implementing tests
  • Plan to meet at 4 after class to discuss presentation
  • Plan to meet at 9:45 am Wednesday to practice
  • Risks: new ideas for game; feasibility of testing; how to best make use of spring break; save/load to work; short-time frame for presentation
  • Michael's around all break, as is Becca; Erin is going to Disney from Monday-Wednesday; Julius is in New York until Wednesday
  • Goals are to keep getting things done on time, if not ahead of schedule;
  • Presentation practice will take an hour; preparing content could take between 3-5 hours total
  • Plan to meet sometime before break to discuss plans for break/delegate
  • Some merging issues, hope to avoid in future
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