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Rebecca Thomas' Work Log

DateTime SpentWork doneExtra Notes?
1/20 2 1/2 hrs Meeting to discuss game format and delegate deliverables Notes
1/21 1 hr Played and analyzed My Country for competitive analysis
1/22 1 hr Wrote overview and pedagogical strength for high concept
1/22 2 hrs Created concept art
1/23 1 hr meeting with team to discuss costumer elicitation and drafts of deliverables Notes
1/23 1 hr Made necessary changes to the high concept and added it to the trac
1/24 2 hr Meeting with team to review customer elicitation and changes to requirements Notes
1/26 1/2 hr Looked over notes from last meeting and tried to further flesh out some ideas
1/26 1 hr Wrote up draft of the customer elicitation report
1/27 1 hr drew up diagram of how the different technologies might interact TechDiagramConcept
1/27 2 hr Meeting with team to finalize concept and begin discussion of use cases Notes
1/28 1/2 hr Wrote win/loss and play game use cases
1/30 1 hr Meeting with team to discuss deliverables and prepare for this week's work Notes
1/31 1 1/2 hr Meeting with team to layout class structure and complete UML
2/1 1 hr Meeting with team to discuss plan for proposal and prototype
2/1 1/2 hr image collection for prototype graphics
2/4 5 hrs Created visual sequences for game and further gathered images
2/5 1 1/2 Edited proposal and wrote abstract for proposal
2/6 1 hr Weekly meeting with team to discuss phase II deliverables Notes
2/9 1 hr Meeting with team to further divide up deliverables and decide what to work on for weekly prototype
2/11 5 hrs Work on creating menu for prototype and figuring out image issues
2/13 1 1/2 hr Worked on critique section for architectural review package
2/13 1/2 hr Created wiki architectural review page
2/16 1 1/2 hr Got png images and transparency working with pygames
2/18 6 hrs Work on writing the classes for handling build use cases
2/19 1/2 hr Wrote weekly blog entry
2/20 1 hr Weekly team meeting to discuss deliverables and goal for the map Notes
2/23 1 1/2 hrs Drew up some preliminary aliens for game
2/24 2 hrs Added the displaying of stats to the prototype
2/24 4 hrs Wrote a response class and modified prototype to use it
2/27 1/2 hr Finished the risk analysis for the test plan
2/27 1 hr Weekly meeting to finish up deliverables Notes