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February 14

Hello everyone! We're the Michigan Technology team (MI-Tech) and we have been working over the past several weeks to create the game called TechTrek for you.

This blog that we're writing here is our way to talk to you and tell you about how the project is going and what we are working on each week. We have four team members working on the project (Julius, Michael, Rebecca, and Erin) and we can't wait to see what you all make of our game. Just click on our names to see a little bit about that team member.

We've working on this game, but so far we've done very little coding. A lot of planning has to go into the game before we can even begin working on it. That would be like trying to bake a seven layer cake without using a pan to form each layer. We might be able to make the cake, but it will take a long time and it will look like a mess. To make sure our cake is top notch, we've spent the last several weeks designing how the game will work, trying ideas out, and then changing our design.

-MI-Tech Team

February 21

Hi guys!

This week we got what you had to say about the game. Thanks for all the great feedback! We started on the game this week but first we needed to decide on the look. We have not made the map yet because "when you add a building, one does not simply add a building!"

What things would you like the map to have? For example would you be able to zoom?
What else do you want to be able to see other than the map, stats and menu?
What would you like the aliens to look like and when would you want to see them?

  • MI-Tech Team

February 21

Hey everybody! This week we were busy working on the User Interface for the game. The user interface is what you'll see when you play the game. We had a group of middle schoolers come and test out what we had so far. They really liked the game and we got lots of great feedback to make it even better for you guys. We also added pictures of the village to our game so that when you build something you will be able to see it in the alien village. We've also been working on the art for the game. Here are some aliens we're working on and even some alien dogs. Hope you like them!

  • MI-Tech Team

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