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Apptentive, Inc, Seattle, WA
• March, 2011 - June 2015
• TechStars Seattle 2012, seed round backed by Google Ventures, Founder's Co-op, Social Leverage, and others. Series A led by SurveyMonkey.
• Co-founded company with friends, I led client SDK development from bootstrapping to Series A.
• Wide variety of other roles as needed. Continuing to advise.


Uncorked Apps, LLC, San Francisco, CA (
• March, 2010 - Present
• Developed iPad wine list apps for use in service at high end restaurants, including The French Laundry, Per Se, and The Plumed Horse.


Planetary Scale, LLC, Palo Alto & San Francisco, CA (
• April 1, 2008 - Present
• iPhone and web startup focusing on social location-based applications with strong mapping components.
• Tweeteorites - Web+iPhone app which tracks what your friends are marking as favorites on Twitter. First app to recommend users based on similar interests and graph analysis.
• Amidst - Web app for keeping track of interesting places.
• Mappity - Mapping framework and line of apps which use the framework.
• Consulting - iPhone consulting for clients including Divvyshot (acquired by Facebook), Hello Chair (for Explor), 280 North (acquired by Motorola), and others.


Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA (
• Software Engineer, June 2007 - March 31, 2008
• I worked on the backend of Time Machine and on web content filtering for Parental Controls (January 2007 onwards).
• Dramatically increased performance of the Time Machine backup engine.
• Wrote software tied to the release of Leopard, Time Capsule, and MacBook Air.


Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA (
• Software Update Integration Program Manager/Engineer, January 2003 - June 2007
• Worked on search, data mining, web information retrieval, automated testing tools and infrastructure, and various other technologies.
• Helped ship dozens of major and minor versions of OS X.
• Hired a bunch of really awesome and talented people.


Tellme Networks, Inc., Mountain View, CA (
• Network Operations Engineering Intern, Summer 2001
• Tellme was a leader in Voice Application Networks bringing the power of the Internet to the phone.
• Worked full-time developing tools to help manage, monitor, and maintain the large Tellme network service. Developed in Perl and C++ and completed several projects that served a variety of monitoring, system administration, and configuration purposes.
• Projects included a tool to automatically analyze multiple core dumps to detect crashes caused by the same bug; programs that interfaced with AT&T's call routing systems; configuration management tools; extensions to the configuration management system Verdad; a distributed SSH key management and user access tool; an extension to the large Tellme platform codebase (in C++) to provide a complex call data feed, and a graphing system on top of feed for realtime monitoring of call counts by the NOC.


Cybersense, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA (
• Internal Systems Programmer, May 2000 - May 2001
• Cybersense is a small web consulting and development company.
• Perl/CGI/MySQL and Perl/Shell scripting for web site productions and internal systems management. Programmed database front-ends and user and system security programs.



Pomona College (
B.A., Computer Science via Joint Sciences Program with Harvey Mudd College, May 2002.


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