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Unryuu, Akari (tem'-plAt) n.

Akari lives in or near the Nerima district of Japan. She is often seen consorting with martial arts types, such as Ryouga Hibiki and RANMA SAOTOME. The Akari Home Page has this to say about her background and family life:

"Akari comes from a family that has trained prizewinning Sumo Pigs for generations. She loves and respects all pigs - she couldn't dislike a pig if she tried! She knows that the pig is truly the paragon of the animal kingdom. Her favorite pig is the 14th champion of the Pig Sumo Room, Katsunishiki ("-nishiki" is often used as an ending for names of Sumo wrestlers; "Katsu" means "pork"). Akari's grandfather told her that she should only marry someone who could defeat Katsunishiki in battle."

Continuity: Takahashi

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