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Ranma 1/2 (ra'-n-ma wun haf) n.

A manga series by RUMIKO TAKAHASHI which has also been made into an anime TV series and several movies. It centers around the life of RANMA SAOTOME, who, after falling into a cursed spring at the legendary Jusenkyou training grounds, finds himself transformed into a girl whenever he is doused with cold water. Warm water returns him to normal. A large cast of strange characters is soon introduced, and the usual chaos quickly ensues.
For more information, see the Ranma 1/2 Universe.

Availability: The Ranma 1/2 manga has recently been completed with volume 38, which is now available in Japan and from some import stores. The manga is being translated into english by Viz Communications, which has so far released 6 collected volumes as well as individual installments on a monthly basis. The anime is also being translated by Viz Video, and is being made available in installments in both dubbed and subtitled form. There is a series of OAV's (original animation videos) alo being released by Viz. Finally, there are three Ranma 1/2 movies, two of which have been so far released in English.

See also: RANMA SAOTOME. More Encyclopedia entries from this series are no doubt forthcoming.

Continuity: RL, Takahashi

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