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Tau Ceti (taU se'-tE) n.

Earth colony established in 2787 by the UESC colony ship Marathon. In 2794 the colony was attacked by the Pfhor, but although the spaceport was destroyed the attack was eventually repelled by nine Military Mjolnir Mark IV cyborgs which had been hidden among the human colonists. Unfortunately, the Pfhor returned later that same year with a superior force and "nuked [the colony] down to bedrock."

The colony's only human survivors were a group led by Robert Blake who were taken to Lh'owon by the rouge AI DURANDAL on a captured Pfhor scout ship. They later returned to Earth in a different Pfhor ship, evidently acquired during an intense battle between the Durandal, the S'pht, and the Pfhor on Lh'owon.

Since most records were destroyed in the final Pfhor attack, not much is known about the Colony. We do know that there were native life forms on Tau Ceti some of which could be dangerous; Chockisens were known to harass humans who wandered to far from the main settlement.

Continuity: Marathon

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