How to Make Unicycle Snow Chains

I've been riding my bicycle to school every day this year but then the snow came... A racing bike just didn't cut it. It was time to throw the snow chains back on the unicycle.

I first made the chains a few years ago and have since seen similar pictures online. Surprisingly It is pretty easy to ride under the right snow conditions and at least ridable in almost anything. If you too want to give it a try, here's all you need to do:

I've found the chains work fine on pavement and cement as well as industrial indoor carpet. Watch out for things like marble flooring. Although the chains grip well in ice, on hard, smooth surfaces you are riding on just chain and have almost no grip. Ideal surfaces are packed snow and fresh snow on cement and asphalt (like a sidewalk or parking lot).

Obviously riding in the snow is stupid and dangerous. The chains do help but if you hurt yourself it's your fault.