Friday afternoon turned out to be a less than stellar time to watch movies in the lounge. Everyone has their own way of kicking back and relaxing during this time, and expecting people to be quiet enough to watch a movie? Not a recipe for success. I don't think I made it past #3 on this list. -BenjAzose

The crazy idea of BenjAzose stemming from a desire to enliven Friday afternoons and enjoy good films.

Guess the Theme! Win something to be determined!

Theme 1: New York

Theme 2: James Stewart

Theme 3: Dustin Hoffman

Theme 4: Marlon Brando

On the topic of ratings, even though no one has asked me the question, all of these movies could get a 5/5 rating. If you're comparing them against a field of garbage like the majority of movies currently in theaters (not counting your favorite movies, of course), they would stand out. So, if one of these movies gets two stars out of five, it doesn't mean you should never see it. As an ancient Hebrew saying goes, "It's better to be the tail of the lion then the head of the ass." But, as yet, all the movies have passed. Can they honestly have picked 100 movies that I'll enjoy? We'll soon see. --BenjAzose

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