Aka AdrienneVictor?, or "arrrg, you!"

This one goes to Pomona. This one was a frosh. This one is now a junior. This one likes to draw comics. This one is a werewolf. This one has a webpage (http://www.willworker.net/~adie/artsite). Perhaps two (http://www.were.net/~Silvergrin). Perhaps three (http://spiffystuff.keenspace.com)? This one has a daily webcomic, for the nonce. This one does not update often. This one consumes copious amounts of ginger candy. This one is forever saying it wants to learn more programming. This one is a MoBio? major. This one has poor impulse control. This one has pet snakes. This one likes to draw comics. This one already wrote that. This one is fierce, and has sharp teeths. This one can fulfill all your tinfoil needs. This one has a tiger suit and lots of silly hats. This one is not afraid to use them. This one likes petting the bunnies. Perhaps a little too much.

This one has quotes!!!!

 "The longer I can put off the day when you can get your belly button to sing, the happer I am."  Gina, to Adie

 "And the girls in the bikinis factor into world peace how...?"--Adie
 "Girls in bikinis are ESSENTIAL to world peace!  Isn't that what Miss. America always says she'll do with her title?"--Gina

 Adie, upon being informed by her roommate ReginaCarns that her mathematical notation was on massive crack:
  "Okay, an integral sign is like a cheese grater..."

This one's schedule:

Cell Bio TTh 9:35-10:50

Cell Bio Lab T 1:15-5

Physics 51 b MWF 9

Physics Lab Th 1:15-5

MoBio? MF 1:15-5

Confessional Voice (hum) MWF 10

Pacific Century (hum) W 1:15-4

Karate: MW 8pm

Physical Conditioning: TTh 11am

Gymnastics: TTH 7pm

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