Can you feel it?
 The hole within;
 Knowledge preventing ascension
 And tumbling the crown;
 I fall.
 Can you take it away?

 I am afraid
 I, who once burned away the darkness
 Where has my fire gone?
 Not even a candleflame.
 Can you light my way?

 I cannot face the abyss again.

 Without thought there is no feeling.
 Without passion there is no love.
 I hide in just being
 I have forgotten how to get beyond the world
 Can you show me?
 Or lead me
 To forget I ever knew the way?
 Can you take it away?

 What good the kingdom if I forsake the crown?

a note: there are 2 levels on which this poem could be read. I expect one of them is inaccessible to most people who will see this. Oh well. Think about the repeated 'objects' and phrases (there is 1 phrase and 3 repeated things, though 2 are non-obvious. And by repeated i mean separate and distinct references to. The repeated phrase won't help, the repeated objects will, in uncovering the second meaning)

Comments are, of course, always welcome.

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