Good Movie! Good script, good actors, good direction, and good plot. A nice, fun, happy flick about crime and love and stuff. Was expecting mediocre diversion and bubble-gumesque entertainment, and found something positively engaging and throughly enjoyable.

Never seen a general public audience engage with a movie as much as this*. Perhaps a we-really-need-to-get-away-from-the-terror-stuff emotional release, perhaps a good movie.

'* Engagement was nothing compared to a Mudd audience with a classic sci-fi flick (eg StarWars), soap opera (eg Babylon5), etc.

AlexBobbs actually found this movie to be on the boring side. It had some good bits, but most of it just dragged on and on forever without much of anything happening. It seemed that the movie was trying to be funny and meaningful at the same time, but really just wound up being moderately amusing at its best. No recommendation here.


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