During the Somalian famine crisis of 1993, a group of U.S. soldiers must fend for themselves after a raid on a Somalian warlord's complex goes very wrong.

AlexBobbs thought this movie was really intense. In fact, it was too intense, and needed more down-time. Once the soliders get into hostile territory, the fights seem to never end. On one hand, this works since it really gives you the feel of being in a part of the world where people never stop fighting, but on the other hand leaves the characters underdeveloped. At several points, I wished those damn Somalian militia would leave the Americans alone so they could swap boy-hood stories and such.

JoeFrosh: Damn. I would summarize this movie as follows: This is what happens when ~50 well-equipped and trained American soldiers get dropped in the middle of a city of people who hate them, and 90% of whom have machine guns (the other 10% have RPGs). It gives an...intense picture of a world completely different from ours. As I was driving home from the theatre, I saw a pickup truck, and thought, "oh yeah, not all trucks have machine guns mounted on them around here..." In sum, it was interesting, though not the most intellectual movie in the world.

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